5 Pest Control Myths in Pennsylvania

As home to the famous Pittsburgh Steelers, Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog, the chocolate capital of the world in Hershey and the Crayola factory which produces 3 billion crayons annually, Pennsylvania is one of the nation’s most interesting states, filled to the brim with culture and history. Something that has been circulating for centuries are myths of all kinds and a …

Andrew Israelsen5 Pest Control Myths in Pennsylvania

Pointe Pest Control Flyer’s Giveaway Winner!

Pointe Pest Control was excited to be able to give one of their followers the opportunity to win tickets to the Flyer’s Hockey Game. At the beginning of the week we used a random generator to choose a winner from our list of contestants. Jimmy Blum was picked as the winner of the Flyer’s tickets! He has claimed his tickets …

Andrew IsraelsenPointe Pest Control Flyer’s Giveaway Winner!

Spiders that are Common in Pennsylvania 

Scientists love to make estimations. They even make estimations about spiders. In fact, scientists estimate that there are around 1 million spiders per acre of land. Because of this, you are always within at least 10 feet of a spider… at all times. If spiders would simply stay outside and out of our homes, they would be easy to get …

Andrew IsraelsenSpiders that are Common in Pennsylvania 

Which Pests Should I Watch for in the Fall?

During the spring and summer with the constant yard maintenance and care, it is easy to notice something amiss. Working in the yard can be a sometimes daily, if not at least weekly occurrence so it’s difficult for pest to sneak past your nose. However, in the fall as the weather turns cold, plant growth begins to stagnate, the needed …

Andrew IsraelsenWhich Pests Should I Watch for in the Fall?


Spiders are pretty well known and do not need much of help in terms of an appearance description to make then recognizable. Eight legs, no wings, two body regions, no antennae- That’s it! House spiders occur throughout the world. Their name is derived from their presence inside human housings. This covers quite a number of species although the common house spider is the most recognized. SIGNS OF A …

Andrew IsraelsenSpiders

What Do I Do When I Find Bed Bugs?

Discovering that your bed and home has bed bugs has got to be one of the most horrifying realizations known to homeowners. Not only is something in bed with you at night—it is feasting upon you! There is not much that is more unnerving than that. So if you just found bed bugs—STOP. You need to read this because what …

Andrew IsraelsenWhat Do I Do When I Find Bed Bugs?

Keep Mice Out Of Your Home

House mice like what you like! They like your food, they like your house. Keep mice out by sealing up holes and gaps around your foundation. Store food, such as dog food and bird food in containers. Reduce clutter in attics and basements. If you think you may have a rodent infestation, call Pointe Pest Control for help!

Andrew IsraelsenKeep Mice Out Of Your Home


Carpenter ants (Camponatus spp) are one of the largest members of the ant family. They could grow up to 13mm in length and are generally black although they have reddish or yellowish colored species. They have caste which includes the queen that bears the reproductive duties, to workers and swarmer’s (winged ants) who leave to develop new colonies. EVIDENCE OF …