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happyFamily When it comes to the biggest investment in your life, making sure you are protecting that asset in every way is vital to your financial security. One bad disaster within the four corners of your home is enough to financially ruin you. That is why year round residential pest control is so essential. Safeguarding your home is not the only thing you need to care for. Some pests are a danger to your children and pets. Having them occupy and infest the walls and areas of your home can pose a great hazard to their health. When it comes to destructive and dangerous pests, you need an experienced team to help keep you safe.

Protecting your home

Pest destruction can happen at any time of the year and right under your nose. These silent invaders are determined to find food and shelter and your home is a veritable gold mine of resources for them. If they cannot find cracks or openings on your home’s exterior that have appeared over time, they will make them. Rodents have very strong teeth and jaws, able to bite through almost anything including plastic, metal or cement. Other pests, such as ants or termites, are tiny enough that they need very minuscule openings to squeeze through before they have suddenly infiltrated your walls. Pest destruction can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair so the small price to pay for routine pest inspections is worth every single cent.

Protecting your family

Pests can be detrimental to your health and potentially deadly. Here are a few examples of the health risks common pests pose:

  • Spiders, particularly black widows or brown recluses, deliver dangerous bites that without medical care, can prove fatal
  • Cockroaches spread e. Coli, salmonellosis, leprosy and more
  • Rodents carry hantavirus, rat-bite fever virus, hemorrhagic fever virus plus numerous other devastating diseases
  • Bedbugs cause itching bites and sores, sometimes severe allergic reactions result
  • Mosquitoes around your yard can make outdoor play, gardening and barbeques complete misery when they bite, not to mention that they spread Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria and more
  • Bees and wasps, if they feel threatened, can sting and if someone in your home is allergic, these stings can be fatal

These are just a few examples of how scary pest infestations can be to the health of your family. Professional care is paramount when it comes to the safety of your family should you find evidence of any of these dangerous pest infestations.

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