Whenever you decide to have a barbeque, party, or picnic in your backyard, you will always have an uninvited guest. Unfortunately, this guest loves sugary drinks like beer and soda. They also love meat. If you have bit of meat on your sandwich or you have prepared some amazing ribs, it won’t take long for wasps to arrive. If you have any of their nests around your home, it won’t take them long to be stealing your food. Wasps aren’t very good guests either. If you decide to bother them, each wasp comes equipped with a rapid repeat stinger that can ruin any outdoor party. If you have menacing wasps making your yard into a war zone, you need professional residential wasp control. With Pointe Pest Control on your side, you will be able to say good bye to wasps.

The Nest

Paper wasps build their nest from a plant material and their saliva. In the spring and early summer, their nests will be very small. As time advances towards fall, the nest can grow to house 30 to forty individuals. Late summer and fall is when they get more aggressive. If you get to close to a wasp nest, the entire colony will be attack. Wasp nests can be found in locations that are protected from the wind and rain. The eaves of you home are perfect. They might also live inside of dense vegetation. Since their stingers do contain venom, you should always be cautious around nests. If you suffer from allergies to wasp venom, you shouldn’t go anywhere near a nest. Since wasps can be dangerous, if you have nests around your home, Pointe Pest Control can help. We are serious about residential wasp control. Our experienced technicians will find the wasps and eliminate them.

The Menace

Wasps come in all shapes and sizes. They can be yellow, black, red, and even a combination of colors. One of the most aggressive types of wasp is the yellow jacket. A yellow jacket is bigger than a honey, but smaller than a bumble bee. Their coloring is vivid yellow and black. Other varieties can be black and white. They make common wasps look pleasant. Yellow jackets are mean. Like ordinary wasps, they will sting you multiple times, but they also come equipped with a pair of sharp mandibles. Yellow jackets are not out to make any friends, they will sting and bite. A common place for yellow jacket nests is underground in old rodent dens. Our technicians have found them in old couches, unused vehicles, and even inside of sheds. Extreme caution should be used around yellow jackets. If you have yellow jacket nests, you need to call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. We have the gear and tools that will keep us safe.

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