Ants are the most common culprits when it comes to pest infestations. They cause more irritation among homeowners than any other pest, mostly because they are so common and their colonies so numerous. Save Antarctica alone, there is not one country on this planet that is free from ants and as such, they are a frequent complaint when it comes to infestations. Ants have an excellent sense of smell and can detect openings in your home where their favorite sustenance is hidden. Anywhere in your home where moisture, crumbs or sweet foods reside, they will flock there. Your kitchen is their biggest attraction. Because they are so small, keeping the hundreds, thousands or even millions of ants out of your home is tricky, but not if you have a professional residential ant control technician to assist.

Important ant info

Understanding ants and their behaviors will help you keep them out of your home. Here are a few bits of information to familiarize yourself to this obnoxious pest:

    1. How they get inside: Even the tiniest crevice or crack in your home becomes a neon sign to an ant. Once they find their way inside, they use their antennae to detect minute odors that will lead them right to any sticky, sweet or greasy substance in your kitchen.

    2. How they communicate: There is never just one ant. Why is that? Well, once one ant has found the promised land of deliciousness in your kitchen, it sends out specialized pheromones that attract the rest of the ants in the colony. These quick acting insects see the opportunity and come running for their piece of the pie.

    3. How ants live: Ants live in colonies that can range in size from a few hundred ants to even several million ants in some larger colonies. If these colonies are close to your home, they might just become common thieves, ransacking and contaminating every square inch of your pantry. Ants have a long lifespan so waiting out their existence is not an option since a queen can live up to 15 years, while workers live on average of 7 years. A queen can produce millions of ants in her lifetime so if that colony is left to exist, you could have quite an infestation on your hands.

    4. How ants react: Ants form a tight knit family and work very well as a group, each ant having their own job. If ants feel that their colony is threatened however, this can scatter the colony, sometimes breaking it off into several different colonies where each will bear their own queen. This is why DIY efforts are not encouraged as these efforts most often scare ants rather than remove them.

Effective, professional ant control is the answer

Rather than struggling with countless drugstore ant control chemicals, which are not only ineffective but can be toxic, lean on the experts for this one. Pointe Pest Control has years of residential ant control experience and we know how to efficiently and quickly remove infestations. Don’t stress about ants in your home any longer, Pointe Pest Control is here to serve you.

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