What Do I Do When I Find Bed Bugs?

Discovering that your bed and home has bed bugs has got to be one of the most horrifying realizations known to homeowners. Not only is something in bed with you at night—it is feasting upon you! There is not much that is more unnerving than that. So if you just found bed bugs—STOP. You need to read this because what you do next will not only slow the spread of this terribly pernicious insect but could expedite their departure from your home. It is crucial that you are wise with your next steps as the wrong choices could keep them around for much longer.

1-Contact a professional

This step is the #1 step because on your own, you will not be able to rid your home as effectively and quickly as your experienced team of bed bug control technicians at Pointe Pest Control. We are highly trained, licensed and educated in the removal of bed bugs, knowing the biology, behavior and proper way to treat and evacuate them effectively. Commercially available treatments you can buy are not as effective and sometimes exacerbate the problem, spreading the bed bugs to other areas of your home. Professional bed bug control specialists remove the problem and keep them from returning.

2-Remove what you can

Before the professionals get there, you do not need to stand by waiting. You can take a vacuum and remove the visible bed bugs with an open ended vacuum hose (do not use a bristle hose attachment as eggs can get trapped there). It is best to use a vacuum with a bag so you can throw away the bag. If your vacuum has a filter, be aware that eggs can become trapped in the filter. This can start the process all over again. By vacuuming regularly around mattresses and base boards, you can prevent their return between treatments. You can also wipe them up with a cloth, just know that this might crush them thus staining your mattress.

3-Avoid clutter

The more cluttered your rooms are, the more hiding places you give the bed bugs living there. Remove papers, piles, books, laundry and any other piles or items laying around or under beds as this becomes just another hiding spot. Do not store boxes, bins or any other items under beds. Clean rooms and tidied floors leave bed bugs more exposed and easier to find. An orderly space makes it easier for a professional to treat as well.

4-Wash laundry regularly

By laundering sheets, clothing and any other fabrics regularly in hot water, this will aid in removal. Heat is deadly to bed bugs so washing these items in hot water is the key. Children’s stuffed animals and pillows should also be carefully laundered as bed bugs may hide in toys. Your dryer is also a great tool in bed bug destruction as it heats clothing to an optimal temperature that is deadly to these insects.

5-Stay in your beds

When you find that you have bed bugs, your first instinct might be to sleep anywhere else in the house other than your bed. Why would you continue to sleep there where bed bugs will continue to bite you at night? The reason is because bed bugs can sense human cO2 and will migrate to wherever you are sleeping, thus spreading the problem all over your house. If you start sleeping on the sofas in the living room and family room areas, suddenly you have two more rooms where bed bugs reside. Stay where you are at and rely on your trusted professionals to get the job done. With your keen awareness and our expert care, you will be rid of these nasty insects very soon.

No need to lose sleep, we’ve got you covered

Bed bugs are a real problem all over the world and as you travel, be wary of your surroundings. Before you bring your luggage inside a new place, check the mattresses, box springs, walls and nightstands for any signs of bed bugs. You can avoid bringing them home and with regular bed bug control inspections, you can keep your home bed bug free forever. Call Pointe Pest Control today for most advanced bed bug control available.

Andrew IsraelsenWhat Do I Do When I Find Bed Bugs?