Spiders that are Common in Pennsylvania

Scientists love to make estimations. They even make estimations about spiders. In fact, scientists estimate that there are around 1 million spiders per acre of land. Because of this, you are always within at least 10 feet of a spider… at all times. If spiders would simply stay outside and out of our homes, they would be easy to get along with, but there are plenty of common Pennsylvania spiders that love to find ways into your home and share it with you. If your home is full of spiders, there is a simple solution. Pointe Pest Control provides residential spider control that is effective against all types of spiders that you can find in Pennsylvania. When spiders infest your home, we have the scientifically proven methods to eradicate the infestation. Here are some of the common types of spiders you might find in and around your home.

Jumping Spiders in Pennsylvania

All spiders can spin silk, but not all spiders create webs. Take the jumping spider for instance. Jumping spiders do not spin a web and wait for a fly. Jumping spiders are ambush predators. They wander around until they find a delicious insect. Once dinner is found, the jumping spider will attach a bit of silk to its starting point and then perform a jump attack. The line of silk acts as a bungee cord that protects the spider from falling and getting hurt. Jumping spiders often hide in the spaces around your doors and will get inside whenever you open one. Baby spiders are small enough to fit through many of the cracks and gaps around your doors and windows. Bites from jumping spiders can be painful, but are not considered to medically significant.

Brown Spiders in Pennsylvania

There are hundreds and hundreds of little brown spiders. They range from wolf spiders to grass spiders and everything in between. Most brown spiders are wandering spiders that stalk prey and attack. Many are active at night. Other types of brown spider will build funnel looking webs and wait for prey to fall inside. Since they are small, it is easy for them to find a way inside of your home. One of the best ways to prevent spider access into your home is to use weather stripping all around your windows and doors. Make certain that your thresholds are intact. If you use firewood, don’t store it inside of your home. Many brown spiders love wintering in firewood. The warmth of your home will bring them out of hibernation. To avoid an influx of spiders during the winter, burn your firewood while the wood is still cold.

Poisonous Spiders in Pennsylvania

Most spiders are terrified of you. Venom takes a lot of energy to create and they don’t want to waste it on something that can’t be food. Spider bites most often occur when a spider feels threatened. That means if a spider gets caught between skin and clothing, or bedsheets and skin, it will bite. The spider feels like it is going to be smashed and will bite to protect itself. There are a few spiders that will bite without provocation. The yellow sac spider has been known to bite people without any reason. The good news is that while painful, yellow sac spider bites are not medically significant. The most dangerous spider in Pennsylvania is the Black Widow. Their venom is a neurotoxin that disrupts the communication of your muscles. Since your heart is a muscle, you can begin to see the problems with black widow venom. While most people will recover from a black widow bite, you should always seek medical attention. Another spider you don’t want to mess around with is the brown recluse. It looks like a common brown spider, but its bite has often been associated with skin necrosis. Brown recluses love hiding in stacks of wood or cardboard. If you find poisonous spiders in or around your home, a call to Pointe pest Control will eliminate the problem.

Pointe Pest Control

If you have questions about a spider, we have created a pest library that has an entire section dedicated to spiders. You will be able to find information and know the threats. Since we are a local company we are familiar with the common types of spiders in Pennsylvania. We want to help protect you and your family from the millions of spiders that live around you every day. With Pointe Pest Control, you can say goodbye to spider infestations. Give us a call for our in-home consultation.

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