Spiders are pretty well known and do not need much of help in terms of an appearance description to make then recognizable. Eight legs, no wings, two body regions, no antennae- That’s it!

House spiders occur throughout the world. Their name is derived from their presence inside human housings. This covers quite a number of species although the common house spider is the most recognized.


The signs of a house spider infestation are seeing the spider and their webs. Another sure fire sign is feeling the webs on your face as you walk through their nest.


As usual, controlling a house spider infestation begin with exclusion. Doors and windows should be tightly fitted and all cracks and gaps around the house exterior should be sealed. Remove webs as soon as they are noticed to discourage the spiders from building.

In case of an infestation, the first step in getting rid of them is locating all possible entry points and sealing them. This ensures all future steps to get rid of them are fruitful and prevents possible future invasions. After this, the next step is vacuuming all noticed spiders, webs and egg sacs. After this, a trip to the yard to do the same is highly recommended. Get rid of all possible shelters and food sources.

Ensure your house is clean as this generally is a good way ofdecreasing the number of spiders in your home. They’ll have fewer places to hide and no food source as a clean home wouldn’t host small insects which are spiders’ main meals. With no place to hide, their webs continually being torn down and no reliable food source vacuuming is not even needed as the spiderswill leave on their own.

You can set spider traps around your home to lure and kill the spiders. This however isn’t recommended as they won’t eradicate your spider problem. More spiders will keep coming in as they see your home is a nice place to live. Your best bet is making your home clean and unattractive to them. Call Pointe Pest Control for assistance.

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