ant-carpenter Ants: are the most common pest problem reported. These tiny scavengers will enter your home or business looking for moisture and an accessible food source. Moisture, sweets, and conducive nesting sites are common attractants. Check out… Read More


stinging-paper-wasp Stinging Pests: are not all that fun to come in contact with! During the Spring Summer and Fall they can be active and aggressive. We can find these critters inside homes as they over-winter around siding cracks…Read More


spider-wolf Spiders: are consistently reported as one of the number one phobias. More people are afraid of spiders than just about anything else. Our customers certainly aren’t big fans of having these creepy crawlies cruising around their… Read More


rodent-house-mouse Rodents: can be one of the most damaging and potentially dangerous pests. It doesn’t take much of an opening for a rodent to find its way into a home or business. Unnoticed, a rodent problem can turn into a large infestion in…Read More


other-termite Termites: Eastern subterranean termites are found from Ontario southward and from the eastern U.S. seaboard as far west as Mexico. Termites are social insect which live in large colonies. There are three castes: reproductives, workers, and soldiers…Read More


tick Other Pests in our pest library can consist of everything from ticks, pantry pests, and many others. At Pointe Pest Control we pride ourselves in finding solutions & problem solving even the most difficutly type of pest problem… Read More

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