5 Pest Control Myths in Pennsylvania

As home to the famous Pittsburgh Steelers, Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog, the chocolate capital of the world in Hershey and the Crayola factory which produces 3 billion crayons annually, Pennsylvania is one of the nation’s most interesting states, filled to the brim with culture and history. Something that has been circulating for centuries are myths of all kinds and a few of those involve pest control. When it comes to Pennsylvania pest control, you want it to be effective and fast. You simply do not have time for myths and ineffective practices. The more time that is wasted, the longer pests have to reproduce and permeate every inch of your home. Dispelling common pest control myths will help keep your home safer.

Myth #1: Pests will not infest clean homes

Homeowners are often embarrassed when they learn they have a pest infestation, as if it means they are filthy, slovenly people. This is untrue. Pests can infest any home, no matter the level of cleanliness. Your home, simply put, is a fortress of warmth and food to any pest seeking food and shelter. If they can find a way in, they will bring their friends and then hide very well. Granted, if your home is cluttered, they will have more places to hide but clean homes are just as much at risk as dirty homes. An attentive homeowner is one of the best ways to keep pests away.

Myth #2: Insecticide can be applied by anyone

This is one of the most dangerous myths. Pest control in Pennsylvania should be handled with care, especially when it comes to chemicals. These formulas you can purchase at the store are full of pest treating ingredients, but many of them can also harm your pets and family. You should not just spray insecticide everywhere. Sometimes DIY treatments can do more harm than good, such as scattering and spreading infestations, similar to putting gasoline on a wildfire. Your experienced, local pest control company knows exactly how to combat each pest and how to safely remove them without any risk to your family members or pets.

Myth #3: If I don’t see pests, there is no problem

Maybe you think the need for pest control is unnecessary. After all, you don’t see any pests, so your home is safe. This myth can get you into trouble because pests are expert hiders. Many are completely silent and slink in the shadows. You may have no idea they are there until there are too many and suddenly, out of nowhere, you start finding them everywhere because there is nowhere left to hide. All homes are at risk.

Myth #4: My pets keep the pests away

While cats are excellent mousers, they cannot keep all the rodents at bay. Why? Because your cats cannot get behind the stove, into the walls or into your attic. A cat may be able to catch a mouse or two, but mice can get deep into the crevices, the air ducts and the insides of your home where you cats and dogs cannot reach. Your pets are little help when it comes to pest infestations.

Myth #5: I can wait for the pests to die

A fly has lifespan of 28 days. A cockroach can live up to a year. A rodent can live 1-4 years. And surprisingly a little, black ant can live as long as 28 years. First off, you do not want to wait 28 years for the ants in your home to die. You don’t even want to wait 28 minutes if you have an infestation. Waiting for an infestation to die off will never happen because they keep multiplying. The longer you wait to schedule pest control in PA, the bigger your infestation will get.

Pointe Pest Control removes infestations fast

When you find an infestation of any type of pests, the stress and anxiety of having so many insects or vermin close by can cause you to lose sleep. You need a professional pest control company that knows what they’re doing and has the experience necessary to effectively rid your home of pests for good. Regular pest treatments and inspections is the only way to accomplish this. The goal of Pointe Pest Control is to give you a pest free home and complete satisfaction. We cannot wait to serve you! Call us for friendly Pennsylvania pest control you can count on.


Andrew Israelsen5 Pest Control Myths in Pennsylvania