The Most Effective Pest Control in New Jersey

New Jersey may be small but it packs a punch of excitement when it comes to fun things to do. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the nation, A Six Flags Amusement Park, Adventure Aquarium and Morey’s Piers park, the pure element of FUN in New Jersey always delivers something entertaining for the weekend or a day off. …

Andrew IsraelsenThe Most Effective Pest Control in New Jersey

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs belong to the Hemiptera order of true bugs. They possess straight antennae and piercing-sucking mouthparts. Most of them possess a characteristic shield shape. Although lots of them are plant feeders, some are predatory. The adult stink bug ranges between 11 to 18mm long and their bodies are about as wide as it is long. The Nymph (immature bugs) is red and yellow with red eyes. The yellow lightens to an off-white as the stink …

Andrew IsraelsenStink Bugs

Keep Rodents out of Your Chester Springs Home

Chester Springs, Pennsylvania is one of the more affluent and prosperous towns in the state. Gorgeous homes with sprawling, manicured lawns create very quiet and peaceful neighborhoods. Chester Springs also has historical significance and one place you can learn more about the town’s past is at The Mill at Anselma Preservation and Educational Trust. It is a piece of local …

Andrew IsraelsenKeep Rodents out of Your Chester Springs Home

There is Nothing Sweet about Rodents

When you are looking for mouthwatering chocolates near Ambler, you take a trip to Asher’s Chocolates Retail Store & Candy Factory. Chocolate is one of the world’s most favorite treats because it is a perfect combination of sweetness. Unfortunately there is nothing sweet about sharing your home with rodents. If your house is suffering from a case of rodents and …

Andrew IsraelsenThere is Nothing Sweet about Rodents

Home, Health and Rodents Bites

As cold weather descends, you rely upon the shelter of your home to keep you from safe from snow and rain. If your home is under attack from an infestation of rodents, you might begin to wonder if your home is really giving you the safety and security you desire. Before you admit defeat to marauding rodents, you need to …

Andrew IsraelsenHome, Health and Rodents Bites

Fly Invaders

Don’t underestimate the germs and disease flies can carry into your home. Check out this video for more information:

Andrew IsraelsenFly Invaders

Common House Mouse

The common mouse (mus musculus) is a small mammal of the family muridae. It is one of the most popular rodents in the world. It is native to Asia and lives close to human habitations. They are characterized by their pointed snout, little-rounded ears, and a long tail which can go the full length of its body. It is used …

Andrew IsraelsenCommon House Mouse

The first signs of a spider infestation

It may seem obvious, but the first signs of a spider infestation are seeing cobwebs in your home. Check out the video below for more information.

Andrew IsraelsenThe first signs of a spider infestation