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Saint Miriam Parish
Saint Miriam Parish
May 1, 2023
We use Pointe Pest to keep our school and outreach and parish pest free and safe and they do a great job, every time! We cannot say enough good things!
Nicholas Romeu
Nicholas Romeu
April 29, 2023
The folks from Pointe Pest Control do a great job, are extremely courteous and conscientious, are always on time, and come out to your house right away if you ever need anything (i.e., help with additional mouse traps or any questions). They’re excellent at what they do.
Tim McKenna
Tim McKenna
January 26, 2023
Techs are great. Thanks
Noah Gross
Noah Gross
December 5, 2022
Sincere and Tim are excellent. Friendly and prompt service every visit! Thank you!
William Padove
William Padove
September 30, 2022
Pointe Pest Control quickly responded to my inquiry, and effectively took care of my wasp problem.

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“We’ve used them for a couple of years and have been very happy with their service. They are always punctual and always call before they come. We also use their eco- friendly organic pest products they provide”

-Shannon: Furlong, PA

“They have done a very good job. They are very professional, pleasant, and easy to work with. They have a reasonable price, and the treatment seems to be effective. As part of the contract I have with them, they have agreed to make additional visits at no extra charge.”

-Joseph: Audubon, PA

“They do a great job. I’ve been using them for a few years. I will definitely use them again. They are always on time and very professional.”

-Guochun: West Point, PA

“Usually I don’t accept offers from people who go door to door, but in this case, I had the opportunity to have them come back later while I did some research. They treated that day and have been very punctual with following visits.”

-Cindy: Feasterville Trevose, PA

“I pay them every three months. They are professional, punctual and courteous. We haven’t had any issues with bugs so I’m going to say they are good.”

-Arthur: Marlboro, NJ

“They come out once every season. We saw a tiny little mouse in the house and we called Pointe Pest Control. They came out the very same afternoon. They said they would check the surroundings of the house, put traps all around, check the stucco around the house as well as the basement and the attic. It was an amazing experience. We had a lot of wasps, which was the reason why we called them. They showed us where the wasps’ nests were. We did not even know we had carpenter beetles. They showed us where they were, extracted all of them and told us what to do. It was a great experience. We just finished our first year with them. We will be signing up for the next year. We haven’t had any issues with them.”

-Angela: Richboro, PA

“After they spray, they come out and see whether the bugs scattered or not for the next few days. If we continue to have problem, they come back. We have spiders and children. The good thing is that now we have only dead spiders. We do not talk to them when they come out. They just come out and do the work. I would definitely use their service in the future too.”

-David: Southhampton, PA

“They are very nice and they come on time. They only give me a two hour period instead of a four hour period.”

-John: St. Davids, PA

“The folks at Pointe Pest were great. They took the time to provide good explanations and help us figure out the best way to resolve our problem and not just sell us a bunch of services. They genuinely appeared to have our interests at heart. Thank you for a great job!”


“They were prompt in calling and coming out and addressing our bug problem. We liked that it was a local company. Their technician was knowledgeable about hobo spiders and carpenter ants and he assured us he could take care of our problem. I felt that they were professional and knew what they were doing. I would recommend them to anyone.”



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