Keeping your home pest and spider free can feel like a constant battle and the reason for this is simple—your home provides shelter and food, two things pests need desperately to survive. Spiders become especially determined as the weather changes and they need a safe, warm place to lay their egg sacs. Those egg sacs hatch, spiderlings are born, they spread themselves all over your home and the cycle continues. It does not take long before a spider infestation is all around you. It takes professional dedication, experience and know how to bring you a completely spider free home year round.

Spiders, spiders everywhere

There are approximately 38,000 known species of spiders found on every single continent except Antarctica. To give you an idea of how many spiders exist on this planet, it is estimated that in one square acre there are 1 million spiders of varying sizes. Can you see how keeping those millions of spiders around your home from getting inside can be tricky? Spiders may be gross and creepy but they are essential to our ecosystem, eating harmful and bothersome insects, recycling dead plant and animal life as well as pollinating some plants.

How spiders live

Not all spiders spin webs. Some spiders spin intricate webs designed to catch unaware insects for dinner. Other spiders are hunters who go on the prowl during the night hours to find their prey. There are even spiders who spin themselves little sleeping sacs to rest in during the day until they go out at night to hunt. Some spiders can live for many years and some live only a short 6-12 months, just long enough to lay an egg sac and reproduce.

Spider bites

Not all spiders bite humans and of the ones that do, most are not poisonous. Non-toxic spider bites still can be painful and cause itchy and upsetting skin irritation. In the United States, the black widow and the brown recluse are two of the most dangerous spiders homeowners may encounter. These spiders can infest inside or outside and be a danger to your family and pets. Experienced spider control is vital for these arachnids since their bite can be lethal. Attacking an infestation on your own when it comes to these two spiders can prove to be a costly mistake. A bite from either species could result in scary physical symptoms or even death if medical attention is not acquired.

Spider control you can trust

Professional residential spider control is something that should be scheduled year round for completely spider free homes. Pointe Pest Control employs only the most experienced technicians who can answer all your spider or pest related questions. Keeping your family and home safe from dangerous pests is our goal and we do thorough inspections and treatments every single time.

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