Praying Mantis

The praying mantis (so named because there forearms are folded in a seemingly praying position in their upright posture) are insects of the order Mantodea with over 2,300 species in about 15 families. The largest family of mantis is the mantidae. They primarily live in the temperate and tropical habitats of the world and despite usually being confused with grasshoppers, …

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Don’t Let Your House Fall to Pests this Fall

With fall on its way in, you may are probably going to be spending some time winterizing lawnmowers, doing a bit of work outside in your yard and getting ready for cold weather to arrive. Another potential problem you may face this fall is an infestation. As temperatures drop, your home becomes the target for a variety of pests. If …

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Bumble Bee

The Bumble bee (Bombus Spp) is the genius of over 250 species of one of the Apidae family of Bees. They can be found in high altitudes or latitudes in the northern hemisphere, and some parts of South America where a few lowland tropical species have been seen. Most bumblebees are social insects that live in colonies with a single …

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German Roaches

The German cockroach (Blatella germanica) is a small species of cockroach with lengths of less than one inch. They possess wings though they don’t fly. It varies in color from tan to almost black and is a domestic pest. Regularly mistaken for the Asian cockroach, it differs in the ability of the Asian specie to fly. Recent research have shown …

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What to do When Ticks Infest Your Home

When you think of tick bites, people often think of them as kind of a hiker’s malady. You are traipsing through the brush, the mountains and trails when a rogue tick hitchhikes onto your pant leg and slowly creeps its way to an exposed area of skin. Though this is a common way people get ticks, did you know you …

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Black Widow Spider Habitat Facts

Black widow spiders are United State’s most dangerous, poisonous and potentially deadly spider. Most people are aware of these spiders and the threat they impose but not many know where to find black widows, what their webs look like and how to steer clear of them. A large part of keeping yourself and loved ones safe from a possible painful …

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Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees (wood bees) are any of the 500 species of the Xylocopa genius of the Xylocopinae subfamily. They mainly burrow in hard plant material like dead wood or bamboo hence their “carpenter” name. The proxylocopa subgenius are an exception as they nest in the soil. Life Cycle and Habitat They have four life stages; egg, larval, pupal and adult …

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Long Flat Arthropod – The Centipede

How much do you know about those long-legged critters that linger in the cracks, crevices and damp dark areas of your home? Learn more about the centiped, watch the video below.

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