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Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Rodent Control Service

Seen a mouse, rat, or other undesirable rodent house guest? Don’t panic. You can quickly and efficiently hire a local rodent control service to eliminate the problem.

But before you call the first number that pops up, you should know that not all rodent control professionals are the same. You need to know if you can trust them before you hire them for such an important job.

This guide has 9 questions you should ask before hiring a rodent control service.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Does the company have experience with rodents? How many years of experience? It’s important to inquire about their experience before you hire a rodent control company.

You can usually find some information on the services’ website, but don’t be afraid to call or contact them online. You can also ask if they have experience with the type of rodent you are dealing with. There may be nuances to getting rid of a mouse versus a gopher.

In addition to the experience of the company, you can ask about the experience of individual technicians. You can ask how long a technician has been working and the type of training they have.

2. What Is Your Plan?

When you describe the issue to a rodent control firm they should be able to share a basic set of steps they plan to take. You can ask them what type of equipment and products they plan to use. Some pesticides are safer than others but not all pesticides are equally effective. If you have young children or pets, be sure to ask whether any of the products could be harmful.

You also want to know what steps they are taking to prevent rodents from coming back. Experienced rodents control services should be able to share a long-term strategy along with tips to prevent future infestation. They may also recommend additional follow-up visits to make sure the actions they took are helping.

3. Can I See Reviews?

Before you hire a rodent control agency, ask to see reviews! Most of the time you can find these online but if not, you can still ask for them. It’s helpful to hear from other customers that have worked with the service technicians before.

When you’re reading reviews, look for information on things like price, quality of service, timeliness, knowledge, and willingness to work with them again. Using these criteria you can get a good idea of whether you want to hire a service.

In addition to reviews, you can also ask for references. References are other individuals or companies that have hired the rodent control service. You can usually get a phone number or email address to contact references and learn about the company you plan to hire.

4. How Long Will the Process Take?

The rodent control company may not tell you right away how long the process will take but you can ask. Knowing how much time the technician needs can help you plan around their visit. You should also ask whether you will need to stay away from the house for an extended period of time due to any chemicals.

5. Can I Get an Estimate?

The price for rodent control services varies based on your needs and the company you hire. Some services will give you an estimate before visiting your home but others won’t be able to give you a price until they are on site.

An estimate is not a make-or-break item but it could be helpful if you have a specific budget. If a company gives you an estimate you should also ask whether that is the final number or if the situation might increase the price.

If you want to confirm the price with the company, ask for a contract before they begin the work. This way, the company cannot ask for more money beyond what’s in the contract.

6. Are Technicians Licensed and Insured?

All rodent control technicians should be licensed and insured but it doesn’t hurt to ask. You may also be able to find this information on their website. Licenses and insurance confirm that the company is legitimate and they are protected if an accident happens.

7. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

What happens if the rodent control company comes but the pests don’t leave? Well, did you get any kind of guarantee? If not, you might be out of luck and out of the money you paid!

Ask prospective rodent control companies about any kind of guarantee they offer. Some companies may not promise a specific number of months or years without rodents but they will offer to come back for free if rodents return within a certain time of their initial visit.

8. Do You Work on Commercial Properties?

Some companies specialize in residential rodent control and others will also conduct services for commercial properties. If you are a landlord, property manager, or office manager, be sure to ask rodent control agencies whether they work on commercial properties or have experience with commercial properties. These jobs tend to be bigger and not all companies have the capacity to take on larger properties.

9. What Should I Do Next?

The final question you’ll need to ask rodent control is, “what next?”. You’ll need to know whether there are additional steps you can take to prevent rodents or anything you need to look out for immediately after the technician’s visit.

Find the Right Rodent Control Service Today

These 9 questions will help you narrow the lists of potential rodent control service companies. You can find answers to many of these questions online or by calling the company directly. Don’t be afraid to ask all your questions either, you don’t want to find out you waste money on unreliable service.

If you’re ready to hire a rodent control service today, you can contact us for a free inspection at 610-277-7575 or online. Pointe Pest does rodent control along with other pests. We look forward to getting rid of those unwanted house guests!

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