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Exterminators vs. Pest Control: What’s the Difference?

Few people stop to consider the differences between pest control specialists and exterminators. At the first sign of an infestation, your first instinct is the contact whoever will make the problem go away the fastest and cheapest.

But knowing the difference between the roles of pest control professionals and exterminators can actually help you get the most out of your service longterm.

Take a look at this overview of how both roles are different.

When to Call in the Exterminator

A mouse. A wasp. A yellow jacket. When you see these or any other pests in your home, adrenaline kicks in prompting you to immediately attack the problem.

A deep dive into how the intruders behave or where they’re entering your home isn’t usually top of mind. Call in an exterminator to kill pests on-site when you want swift and severe methods of pest removal.

Exterminators step in to kill vermin that homeowners don’t feel equipped, or are too afraid, to deal with on their own. You might also call an exterminator to support a DIY program.

If your infestation is beyond spraying one or two bugs, calling in exterminators gives you temporary support without requiring that you get rid of your own methods altogether. They bring in a wide range of tools you might not want to invest in.

Exterminators have the skills to get rid of an entire population of pests in a given area. This is a necessity when dealing with pests that carry diseases like rats or mice who can contaminate food and cause harm to children.

But the services provided by an exterminator aren’t expected to remove the problem forever. You might not have any rodents or bugs for a while, but this doesn’t mean the problem can’t reoccur at a later date.

If you need help removing the possibility of a pest infestation, you’ll want to hire specialists.

What Is Pest Control?

Pest control professionals target the root of the pest problem. They’ll determine a strategy to prevent current and future infestations from happening.

This is especially important for homes with young children where infestations can lead to dangerous allergic reactions or injuries. Keep diseases at bay by hiring pest control specialists to set up a prevention program for your home.

There are three common ways pest control specialists work with homeowners to get rid of threats.

Performing Assessments

Pest control professionals can work with you whether you have a current infestation or not. Meet with a pro to learn what threats are common in your area and what you can do to avoid them.

Experienced pest control specialists are well versed in the behavior of insects and animals. During a pest control assessment, you’ll get advice on ways you can protect your home yourself and recommended methods of treatment.

Blocking Access

One way pest control specialists work is by finding points of entry and blocking access so that pests can’t get through. To do this the right way, pest control professionals might need to get into hard to reach spaces like your attic or crawl spaces to find potential holes.

This might be done once you’ve detected a threat or during your initial home assessment when you set up a new service. Because you’ll have an ongoing relationship with your pest control company, you don’t have to worry if any points of entry are missed.

Your pest control company will continue to monitor the progress of your pest control program to make sure it’s working for your family. This is a major benefit over hiring an exterminator.

The personalized attention you receive can put your mind at ease that you can hold your pest control team accountable over time.

Chemical Treatments

The chemicals used by exterminators and pest control specialists are often very different. This is mainly because exterminators need harsher chemicals in order to make sure they instantly get rid of pests.

They don’t want to risk missing an opportunity to kill everything onsite because this is how they make money. Pest control pros can be more gentle in their approach to pest management.

They don’t need the harshest chemicals because they’ll apply multiple strategies to control the pests in your home. They work to make sure the pests don’t get in so in the first place so there’s less of a need to use chemicals.

What to Expect After Pest Control Service

Expect to have a safer home after getting pest control service. Without the fear of bugs and rodents tracking in diseases, your home will be more sanitary.

You’ll also protect the value of your property with continuous services. Termites can literally eat away your property cause structural damage.

These insects feast on wood structures like the studs between walls and exterior siding. Many homeowners confuse termites with carpenter ants. Your team will help with insect identification so that you don’t fall victim to the destruction that can happen from termite damage.

Take control of what comes into your home by hiring a professional team to monitor potential threats around your home.

Protect Your Assets

For most people, a home is the largest purchase they’ll make in a lifetime. Protect your investment by hiring an experienced team to make sure you prevent and eliminate threats.

Pests devalue your property making it difficult to sell your home and a termite infestation can make your home structurally unsafe. Consult with a team in your area like Pointe Pest Control for a free inspection.

If you live in the Bridgeport area, contact one of our team members to schedule an inspection today.

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