Rodent Control vs Rodent Extermination

You’ve likely heard the term “exterminator” used on television or in movies to portray what we call “pest control”. While most folks associate the term exterminator with bugs, most pest control specialists also provide services to deal with rodents. While the terms pest control specialist and exterminator are used synonymously, there are some situations where clients aren’t necessarily comfortable with the killing of rodents. Indeed, there are nonlethal ways to handle rodent problems. Additionally, pest control can be used to keep rodent populations in check without eradicating them entirely.

What Does A Rodent Exterminator Do?

Rodent extermination involves the complete annihilation of the rodent population in a given area. It is unlikely that there are many people who would pay to have a rodent population within their own home reduced in size. They want them gone and rightfully so. Rodents carry diseases, contaminate food, and can harm small children or those with compromised immune systems.

However, for rodents to get into a home, they need to get access to the home from the outside. Mice and rats don’t just come in through the basement, they can also come in through the attic. Most folks don’t think about their attic as a potential vulnerability, but rodents can scale telephone and utility lines.

In order to eradicate a rodent population, you need to also prevent a new infestation from forming shortly after the first one is dealt with. This means preparing your home to be less vulnerable to rodents in the first place.

So even as professional pest control experts will ideally eradicate a rodent population in a home or building where people work, you should also be thinking about what you need to do to prevent one in the future.

What Is Rodent Control?

Generally, farmers whose crops are susceptible to rodents will employ some form of rodent control to reduce the population and protect their crops. Of course, it would be impossible to rid the entire area of rodents because it’s simply too large. So farmers have to think of some other way to deal with them.

Traditionally, they’ve used traps. These traps lure the rodents to their death and protect crops. They can be emptied and rearmed once a rodent has been caught inside.

Why Don’t Pest Control Specialists Call Themselves Exterminators?

The term exterminator is outdated because pest control experts offer more services than extermination. When it comes to rodents, it may not always be possible to eradicate the population. While homes are likely candidates for extermination, factories and farms may be candidates for control. The idea then is to reduce the population as much as possible.

Rodent control services typically employ some form of bait station or trap that poison the rodents. But those who sympathize with the furry creatures may not want to see them killed. Pest control experts do offer the option of nonlethal traps, but if you don’t dump the rodents outside on a regular basis, they will likely starve to death which is probably less pleasant than being poisoned.

Additionally, pest control is not always about extermination. In the case of something like bedbugs, you would want to see the entire population destroyed. Ants, however, may be candidates for control. This is where bait stations can be particularly useful. While you will never completely eradicate the ant population, it can be reduced within your home and there is value in that.

Pest Control Companies Offer Subscription Services

One of the best ways to deal with major pest problems is to keep on top of it all year long. This is especially true in the spring and fall when rodents are either very active or looking for safe harbor. It can also be cheaper than putting thousands of dollars into your home to prevent any mouse or rat from ever getting in.

Subscription services also work well with insects and particularly in places where pest control is going to be a predictable necessity. For that reason, Pointe Pest Control offers our clients subscription services. We monitor your bait stations and replenish them in order to keep your pests out of your home and garden.

Our Local Pest Control Experts Can Help With Your Rodent Problem

If you’re currently dealing with a serious rodent problem, you needn’t trouble yourself over whether or not you should call an exterminator or a rodent prevention expert Pointe Pest Control will help you manage (or eradicate) the rodent population in your home, on your property, or in a commercial property all year long. Talk to us today to set up a free inspection.

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