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What to Look for in a Pest Control Service

Pests like insects and rodents can make living in a home or working in a business uncomfortable or dangerous. According to the EPA, certain insects carry bacteria and viruses that are linked to severe illness and even death. Protecting your property against these silent invaders is essential.

Choosing the right pest control service is just as important. You want to make sure your pest control partner has the right experience with pests and insects local to your area. You also want to find a local pest control expert who is committed to quality.

Here are four things to look for in a pest control service for your home or office.

Knowledge of the Pests in Your Area

Creating a pest control solution is a personalized process. Some common insects and pests affect most people in the New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania area. Pointe Pest Control manages these pests as part of our service, but we also help you identify specific problem pests and areas that need special attention.

Eco-Friendly Options That Are Safe Around Children and Pets

Many pest control products are highly effective at repelling insects and other pests, but certain chemicals can be harmful. Pointe Pest Control takes a greener approach to pest control with what they call Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM often uses methods that don’t require any chemicals at all.

The Integrated Pest Management approach uses inspection, monitoring, and identification of specific pests to find what is causing the problem. Once the problem is identified correctly, Pointe Pest Control creates a solution that reduces both pests and pesticide use.

Full-Service Pest Control

Some companies will make a routine visit, spray some chemicals in common problem areas, and call it a day. That’s not full service, and that’s not how Pointe Pest Control does business.

Interior Treatment

If your home or office requires interior service, a pest control provider will inspect and treat common problem areas like under kitchen or bathroom sinks. These are common points of entry for ants, spider, and other pests.

Outdoor Inspection

A qualified pest control technician will look for problem areas outdoors, including standing areas of water or evidence or previous pest activity. Monitoring and treating common problem areas are essential ways to control current or future pest problems.

Wasps and Spiders

A critical method of controlling wasps and spiders is removing their nests and spiders. Both of these pests like to live under the eaves of your doors and windows. An effective pest control partner will sweep the eaves and tops of windows regularly to remove nests and webs.

Yard Granulation

When necessary, a pest control technician may use a granule product in your yard to prevent pests like crickets and earwigs. Using a bulb duster, the technician will spread these granules in grassy areas and flower beds. Yard granules can also be an effective treatment against ants.

Foundation Spray

Using an approved treatment product, full-service pest control professionals will spray the foundation of your home or office building to repel insects, ants, and other pests. This spray is applied approximately two to three feet up the side of the foundation. It is also applied onto the ground two to three feet to create an effective barrier.

Treating Weep Holes

Particularly during initial treatment, it’s important to treat the weep holes in brick facades. These holes are designed to allow moisture to escape, such as after rain, and to allow air to enter the area behind the bricks to keep things dry. These are also potential areas for pests to enter the home.

Using a bulb sprayer, we inject a repellant to help “seal off” this point of entry. This is an area where spiders, especially, like to establish a nest.

Using “Sticky Traps”

These cardboard traps have a strong adhesive that capture mice, insects, lizards, and other pests. Mice are famous for entering homes at the gaps at a garage door. By placing these adhesive pads near strategic entry points, like the gaps near a garage door, we can reduce the appearance of mice and other pests.

On return visits, your technician will inspect the sticky traps, monitor pest activity, remove trapped pests, and replace the traps.

Inspection and Service Report

Your technician will detail all the services provided once they are complete. Specific notes are included so you know exactly what we did during our service visit.

Friendly and Professional Service

Your pest control service is a partner to make sure your home or office is pest-free. Look for a company like Pointe Pest Control that prides itself in offering knowledgeable technicians who are friendly and helpful.

Guaranteed Service

This is an integral part of finding the right local pest control service. You want to make sure the job is done right, and that your service provider will back up their work with a guarantee.

Pointe Pest Control is committed to providing service to your satisfaction. And if a problem continues after our attempts, we will refund the payment of your last service.

Seasonal service customers can always ask us to return to your home or office at no extra cost until we resolve your concerns.

Choosing a Local Pest Control Service Provider

If you are looking for a quality pest control service provider in New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania (including Philadelphia), Pointe Pest Control is the complete solution. We offer eco-friendly pest control options, such as organic products with 100% natural ingredients to repeal and control pests. And our pest control services are backed by the best guarantee in the business.

Contact us today. We will conduct a free inspection of your commercial or residential pest control needs and provide professional service at a reasonable cost for your home or business.

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