Top-Rated Rodent Control

Rodent control is a little different than other types of invasive species control. By the time rodents have entered your home, there’s likely some area through which they are entering. Mice are notoriously adept at exploiting tiny spaces between cracks so, even a tiny crack in your foundation can provide an entry point for mice. Rats aren’t much different in that regard. They’re bigger, so they need a bigger space to enter through, but once a crack is there, they’ll find their way in. Squirrels have been known to nest in attics during the winter months. Insects and mice will as well, attracted to the warm temperatures.

If rodents have made a home out of your house, you need to act quickly. They can do a lot of damage and pose a serious health risk to humans. The top-rated mice control technicians at Pointe Pest Control are the top-rated exterminators in your area. Give us a call or contact us online to set up an appointment. Not only can we get rid of the pests you have now, we can prevent them from returning!

What Should You Do If You Hear Mice Scratching Inside Your Walls

By the time you hear mice scratching about in your walls, you have a full-blown infestation. Mouse traps are likely not going to cut it. Mice tend to be attracted to three things: warmth, food, and darkness. Since mice are prey animals to birds, hiding in the shadows is the kind of adaptation that makes it more likely that they will survive and mate.

If you have mice in your home, you will notice—on top of sounds coming from the walls—some of the following:

  • Paths. Typically, you will be able to trace a mouth’s path back to a nest. In some cases, this could be quite difficult, but with a little preparation, it will be apparent where their nest is. Mice will brave the light when it leads to food, but they typically use the same paths over and over again. A little well-placed baby powder will lead you right back to rats’ entry point into your kitchen and you’ll be able to patch it up from there. This is a temporary measure, but effective. What you really want to know is how the rats are getting into your home.
  • Poops. Poops are sure signs that there are mice in your home. They can carry diseases and these diseases are seldom pleasant. According to the CDC, there are at least 11 known diseases carried by rodents. Among these is the bubonic plague that wiped out most of Europe during the dark ages. On the other hand, poops can give you information about the paths that the rats are taking to food. It’s best not to ignore rat or mouse droppings.
  • Nests. Rats will use whatever they can find to build nests. This includes fabric, cardboard boxes, wood, and whatever else is handy. In places where you find a large concentration of droppings, chances are, there is a nest nearby.

Targeting Mice, Rats, and Subspecies

Folks tend to conflate mice and rats, but they’re actually two different species. Even here, we have a tendency to use the terms interchangeably. That’s largely because there isn’t much difference when it comes to removing them. For residential owners, however, it’s important to note that mouse traps that target smaller mice will not work on larger rats. Aside from that, they also prefer different kinds of foods although there is some overlap.

Can Mice Climb Vinyl Siding?

They can. Tiny grooves that are difficult for the human eye to see are very much visible to mice. Mice will use these grooves to scale buildings in the search for food and shelter. Nooks and crannies just about anywhere can present potential inlets for mice into your home. A skilled pest control expert will scour your entire house looking for potential vulnerabilities.

Where Do Rats and Mice Make Their Nests?

The more difficult a spot is to reach for you as a human, the better the mouse or rate will feel about the spot. Crawlspaces, air ducts, and the spaces between walls provide an ideal spot for mice and rats to make their nests. This is why so many individuals are first alerted to the problem because they hear scratching in their walls.

Eradicating Rodents From Your Home

Getting rid of rodents who have set up a nest in your home is no easy process. You don’t want decaying bodies in your air vents and you want to ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again. The rat exterminators at Pointe Pest Control can do the job safely and efficiently. Give us a call or contact us online to set up an appointment.

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