Tips to Keep your Family Safe from Ticks

Ticks are nasty little creatures. The scary thing about them is how likely they are to transmit a variety of different diseases. You want to keep your family safe and prevent ticks from living in your yard. Here at Pointe Pest Control, you want to help you with tick control. Here are a few tips you can use to help reduce the likelihood of tick infestations in your yard. For more information about ticks, feel free to check out our Tick FAQ page.

The Methods

  • Mowing: Ticks need cool moist areas to live. If you keep your grass cut short, you are adding a lot more heat to the soil under your grass. When your lawn is short, ticks won’t like to hide out in your grass. They will move out to find cooler areas.
  • Trimming: You want to increase the amount of sunlight that is reaching your grass. You may need to trim some of you trees to add that crucial heat. Remember that ticks like it cool, so the more sunlight your yard gets will make it less lovable for tick infestations. Trimming down tall weed patches is important too. When it comes to tick control, a weed trimmer is going to be a great tool in your arsenal.
  • Remove Debris: Piles of leaves, sticks, or trash in your yard will add hiding places for ticks. Make certain you remove debris from your yard. Bag up and dispose of any fallen leaves. Remember that anything that creates shade and increases moisture will add areas for ticks to live.
  • Controlling the Hosts: Deer might be fun to look at, but they are not good for your yard. Ticks love deer. If you have a lot of deer visiting your yard, you will also have plenty of ticks. If you want to reduce the number of tocks entering your yard, you will need to keep the deer out. You can do this with deer fencing or planting deer repellent plants. Rodents are also known to transmit ticks. Keeping rodent populations under control will help you reduce the number of ticks around your home.
  • Watch your own animals: If you have dogs, cats or other animals that move between indoors and outdoors, make certain to keep the ticks off of them too. Not only will your animals be healthier, you will help to reduce the tick
  • Tick Barriers: Ticks hate walking across gravel or wood chips. You can use this to your advantage, by creating strips of gravel/wood chips around the perimeter of your yard. You can incorporate these barriers into your landscaping and make them look amazing.
  • Contact Pointe Pest Control: We provide effective tick control. Our professional pest eradication technicians understand how ticks work, and they know how to keep them out of your yard. We have a variety of proven techniques that will keep the ticks away so you don’t have to worry.

Local Pest Control

It is important to be local. Since we are a local pest control company, we are familiar with the different types of ticks that are common to your area. We can create effective treatment plans that target the specific weakness of each type of pest. We understand how ticks think, and we have the tools, equipment, and knowledge required to keep them out of your yard. Our technicians will work with you, because we understand how important it is to protect you and your family from the threat of a tick infestation. With Pointe Pest Control on your side, you can say goodbye to ticks. When you want effective tick control, you need the professionals with Pointe Pest Control.

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