Will ticks die when I shower?

You can shower all you want, but it will not kill a tick. Cold, warm, and even hot water has a hard time killing ticks. However, this doesn’t mean that a shower isn’t effective. In fact, showering gives you a great chance to look for ticks. There are certain parts of your body where ticks are more likely to seek and you can perform a detailed tick check while washing your body. First off, it is a good idea to put your clothing in the dryer.

The hot air is effective at dehydrating and killing off any ticks that are still on your clothes. Once that is started, hop into the shower and begin to look for ticks. Pay close attention to your head. Search through your hair, around you hairline and behind your ears. You might want to use a hand mirror to give you the ability to see everything. Next, check you armpits, around your waist and even inside of your belly button. Other tick hotspots include between your legs and behind your knees. While these are all common places for ticks to hide, make certain you check your whole body.

Ticks don’t always follow the rules and might decide to burrow into different parts of your body. So while a shower might not be effective at killing ticks, there is a chance that you will wash away ticks that haven’t had a chance to embed themselves into your skin. The best thing about a shower is the opportunity it gives you to look for ticks. Just make certain you take full advantage and perform a whole body tick check.

niftyadminWill ticks die when I shower?