What’s the best tick repellent/spray/treatment for my yard?

Treating your lawn is a good place to start when it comes to tick control in your yard. Keeping your lawn short gives ticks fewer places to hide. Be careful not to overwater as well because ticks love moist, wet environments and a humid, wet lawn is an attraction. Before attempting any do-it-yourself lawn care, get the advise of a professional. Some treatments are not as effective.

As an organic approach, there are things to try such as sprays that have a fungus which attacks the tick. Cedar oil is also known as an effective, natural deterrent to ticks so spreading this around the perimeter of your yard could help. For a quicker approach however, hiring a professional pest control company is your best bet. Pointe Pest Control utilizes both natural and pesticide tick removal methods, all of which are safe around your pets and family.

Spraying these treatments within your flower beds, around the perimeter of your yard and on your lawn regularly will remove a vast majority of the ticks within your yard. While no one can remove pests and insects completely outside, it is possible to have a completely tick free home inside. By reducing the number of ticks outside, you decrease your chances of ticks making their way inside. Planting deer repellent plants around your yard such as cedar, oak, boxwood and lilac will deter these animals, which are usually riddled with ticks. Laying “tick tubes around your yard, which are filled with attractive but laced with permethrin, is another good way of decreasing their numbers.

niftyadminWhat’s the best tick repellent/spray/treatment for my yard?