What is tick prevention?

Tick prevention can encompass many aspects. Preventing ticks encompasses 4 areas:

  • Tick prevention in humans: Using a pest repellent containing DEET or picaridin when spending time outdoors will keep ticks at bay. Also, covering your body with more clothing such as long sleeves, long pants and shoes will keep ticks from reaching your skin as easily. Check your clothes frequently and brush off any trying to climb up your clothing. White clothing is also shown to deter ticks.
  • Tick prevention for pets: Spot treatment, sprays and oral medication are common tick prevention used for pets. Regularly combing through their fur to see if ticks have found a cozy spot to stay is also a good habit to be in. Your pet’s vet can give you some recommendations that will be more tailored to your pet’s needs.
  • Tick prevention in your home: When ticks come inside, removing all stages of these arachnids can be difficult. However, it is important to note that if your yard is riddled with a tick infestation, keeping them out of your home can be an uphill battle. Attacking the problem in your yard is the best place to start before your home can be completely tick free.
  • Tick prevention in your yard: Ticks like shaded, humid areas where they can hide. Places where grasses, dense ground cover, trees, overgrown weeds and shrubs are favorite hiding places for these arthropods. Cleaning up the vegetation around your yard is essential in tick prevention. Professional tick control solutions through Pointe Pest Control are not only good at removing current tick problems but preventing future outbreaks. It is important to stay vigilant with routine treatments and yard inspections.
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