Do ticks lay eggs?

Ticks do, in fact, lay eggs. They can lay a lot of eggs. A single female tick can lay several thousand eggs. If the ticks are out in the wilderness, the female tick drops away from the host animals body and then lays her eggs in the underbrush. The eggs hatch and thousands of hungry larvae begin to search for their first host. The first host is usually a bird, mouse, or some type of rodent.

As the type molts and gets bigger, it wants to find larger and larger hosts. While this can be a problem when you go on a hike, camp, or work in your yard, at least they are outside right? Unfortunately there is a way that you can get tick eggs inside of your home. If your pet has a female tick and it drops off inside of your home, the female tick will release all of those eggs and soon you will have thousands of tick larvae looking for a warm host body.

The best way to prevent an infestation of ticks inside your home is to check your pets often. Ticks are totally fine with using cats and dogs as their host. Whenever your pet spends time outside make certain you check them for ticks. If you do get an infestation of ticks inside of your home, you might want to consider using a professional tick removal treatment from Pointe Pest Control. We have a variety of treatment options that will get the ticks out of your home and out of your yard.

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