Are there tick removal tools?

One of the best tools you can use to remove ticks is a pair of tweezers. Avoid grabbing the body of the tick as this can cause them to regurgitate fluid back into your body and increase the risk of diseases. Grab the tick firmly at the base of the headright were it is touching your skin and pull it out. Make certain the head is removed as well as all the mouth parts. Sometimes tweezers might not be the best option, especially if you have a squirmy child or a hyperactive pet. There are other tools you can get that can help with removing those pesky ticks. One cush tool is is specially designed with a notch and fits on your keychain. People who do a lot of hiking, dog walking, and hunting really like this tool because it is always close. Other tools include the tick twister. This tool was developed by veterinarians for use especially on pets, but it can be used on people and children as well. With both of these tools, you might notice that it is difficult to remove ticks that are not engorged. Since ticks are small before they feed, their little hard bodies often slip out of the little notches.

If you are looking at a few different tick removal tools, you might want to spent a little bit of time looking over some consumer reviews and see what some of the people are saying about it. Make certain that you keep the removed tick in a plastic sandwich bag. If the bite zone turns into a rash or you start feeling sick, having the culprit on hand can help identify the disease you contracted.

niftyadminAre there tick removal tools?