Is there tick repellent?

Yes, there are many good types of tick repellent on the market. Tick repellent is necessary when you or your loved ones are outdoors as ticks can grab onto your clothes or shoes and crawl up your legs to dark and warm places on your body. They especially like the nape of your neck, in your hair, underarms and groin. It is important to inspect your body thoroughly after spending time outdoors.

Tick repellent is full of ingredients that are distasteful and abhorrent to ticks. They dislike the smell or taste and will stay away. Tick repellent is available for both humans as well as pets. DEET and permethrin based sprays are the most effective types of repellent for ticks. Pets are the usual culprits when it comes to dragging ticks into your home. Spraying and treating your pets with tick repellent decreases their chances of becoming a host to a hungry tick.

Ticks can go unnoticed on pets especially if they have thick, dense hair, feeding on your pet for many months or even years. When the tick has had its fill, it removes itself from your pet to lay eggs before it dies. If your pet is inside, these eggs are laid within your home. A female hard shell tick can lay thousands of eggs at a time. When these eggs hatch, it can be a real disaster. These ticks wander through your carpet and within your home, finding their way to you and your family members. You need immediate professional tick control to get rid of them.

niftyadminIs there tick repellent?