How do I get rid of ticks?

Finding a tick on yourself, your child or your pet is alarming and shocking. Once you see it on yourself, your first instinct might be to rip it out of your as fast as possible. This is a bad idea. Take some deep breaths, this needs to be done carefully as ripping it out incorrectly can actually break off pieces of the tick, leaving them inside your body. Whether removing a tick from yourself or a pet, here are the steps to safely removing it:

  1. Do not touch the tick with your bare hands. Use tweezers or rubber gloves.
  2. Grasp the tick close to the skin and pull straight up carefully. Don’t pinch the tweezers too hard but use steady pressure. Take care not to twist or jerk the tick loose.
  3. When the tick has been removed, wash and disinfect the area completely.

If ticks have managed to get inside your home or you have an extreme amount of ticks in your yard around your home, it is possible to get rid of them. With professional tick control with Pointe Pest Control, we use effective treatments that not only remove the eggs but take care of all stages within the life cycle of the ticks. Some types of do-it-yourself tick control only remove the adult ticks but you are still left with lingering eggs and larvae. Once their life cycles continue, it starts the problem over again and the infestation begins to grow again. Pointe Pest Control takes care of the problem completely.

niftyadminHow do I get rid of ticks?