Professional Termite Control

Are termites damaging your home?

Termites can cause severe damage to human homes. Because termites feed primarily on wood, they are capable of compromising the strength and safety of an infested structure. Termite damage can render structures unlivable until expensive repairs are conducted.

Termites and other wood destroying insects may be removed through treatment methods. This may be done through trenching soil around the foundation, injecting the chemical with a soil rod, and then backfilling the trench. Call our certified technicians at Pointe Pest Control to treat termites.

Subterranean Termite

In our region, the one species of termite we deal with is the subterranean termite. The subterranean termite is a soil-dwelling, social insect, whose food source is the cellulose in wood. This could either be the wood in a tree stump or the wood inside your house.

When subterranean termites find their way into your home or building, it is imperative that the termites are eliminated as soon as possible, as the structural damage they can inflict on a building can be devastating if left untreated. Though termite activity in our area is comparatively low to other parts of the country, the threat is still present and should not be ignored.

Choose Pointe Pest Control

Pointe Pest Control mainly utilizes a non-repellant type termiticide to control your termite infestation, as it the most effective. In a situation where liquid termiticide can not be used, or the customer would prefer the use of non-chemical means of treatment, the baiting system is used instead.

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