Pointe Pest Control’s Testimonials

At Pointe we strive for the absolute BEST CUSTOMER CARE in the industry. We are committed to providing you with the service and satisfaction that you can only get from a family-owned company. We appreciate our customers and work our hardest to attain 100% satisfaction from them. Hear what some of our customers have said about us!

“They are quick/prompt to respond to sudden requests. Also I find them quite knowledgable of what they are doing. Good rates as well. I can see the results within 3-4 months of the start of the service.”


“They are always so helpful and know exactly what to do to for any pest situation. We have lots of trees and hence spiders, when we first moved here I’d find giant spiders in the house, they have kept all that under control using safe environmentally products. I love that they come out in between scheduled visits and treat what ever is going on without additional cost.”


“POINTE has been a fabulous support to us as homeowners! WE have been customers for several years and have experienced a marked improvement in the number of insects that we have observed. Service is prompt, polite and efficient!”


“We have been using Pointe Pest Control for several years now and our service representative, Karl Crawford, has always done an exceptional job. He is thorough, friendly and customer focused. He talks through any areas of concern we might have and quickly offers options or solutions for remediation. I would definitely recommend Pointe Pest Control as a result of the exceptional service we have received from Karl.”


“Thanks very much for your professional service! Glen is very patient to explain about the whole process…. We are very satisfied with the service and would recommend to our friends…”


“Our service representative, Daniel Connelly, has been friendly and knowledgeable. We’ve been with pointe for several years now and we have had the same representative resulting in quality service and a friendly rapport. I have three children and I particularly like that their products are safe and effective.”


“I have been very happy with Pointe Pest Control and highly recommend them. Their staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and respectful. I had to call them back to treat ants inside my home once, and even though they had just been out to my home to treat the outside, they readily and quickly came back. The problem was solved instantly.”


“My Pointe Pest Control technician is always extraordinarily helpful. He is always very polite and willing to truly listen to any of the concerns I have about ants or mice. I have always found that the work they do eradicates my issues, even when I had a significant ant issue a few seasons ago.”


“I have been using Pointe Pest for several years and have no problems with pest. Polite and well trained techs always willing to share information. They come when they say they’ll be there and do a good job. Will keep using them until something changes.”


“Point Pest Control has been a great service. Never had any issues. Thorough and explain everything that they do when they arrive. The service people are really knowledgable and helpful.”


“Pointe Pest has always been very reliable and we are very happy with their service. Glen always does a great job and we have not had any problems.”


“I really like the Pointe Pest Control service. Their staff is very friendly and professional and will answer questions or concerns that I may have. The admin. office will give a courtesy reminder call before coming out (which I like). The product they use is organic and gets the job done. I like their rosemary product that is used around the perimeter of our house to keep the bugs away. Every quarter Pointe will come out and tackle what ever pests bug is out during the certain times. I don’t have to ask them what they are spraying for they will just do it and leave me with the information.. I have been a long time satisfied customer.”



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