Pointe Pest Control’s Practical Guide to a Pest-Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. As you gear up for festive decorations and delicious meals, the last thing you want is uninvited guests of the creepy-crawly kind. Pointe Pest Control, your trusted pest management partners, are here to share a practical guide to ensure your home remains a haven of peace and joy during the holidays.

  1. Seal Entry Points with a Vengeance:

Before you deck the halls, take a stroll around your home and check for potential entry points for pests. Seal cracks, gaps around windows, and any other openings that pests might exploit. A proactive approach to sealing entry points is your first line of defense.

  1. Streamline Decorations, Minimize Pest Hideouts:

Simplify your holiday decorations to minimize hiding spots for pests. Decluttering not only creates a more aesthetically pleasing space but also reduces the likelihood of pests finding cozy nooks to settle in. Keep it simple, stylish, and pest-free.

  1. Kitchen Cleanliness: A Weapon Against Pests:

The kitchen is the heart of holiday festivities, making it a prime target for pests seeking food sources. Stay vigilant by maintaining a clean kitchen. Wipe down surfaces, sweep up crumbs promptly, and store food securely to deter pests from joining the culinary celebration.

  1. Inspect and Upgrade Storage Defenses:

Before unveiling the holiday decorations stored away, inspect storage areas for signs of pests. Upgrade to sealed containers to protect your festive adornments and consider using natural repellents to keep pests at bay. A little prevention goes a long way.

  1. Bolster Outdoor Defenses for a Pest-Free Perimeter:

Your outdoor space is the first point of contact for pests. Trim overgrown vegetation, clear away debris, and ensure that potential pest shelters, such as firewood piles, are stored away from the home. Strengthening your outdoor defenses creates a barrier against pests looking to invade your festive sanctuary.


As you embrace the holiday spirit, Pointe Pest Control encourages you to take these practical steps to keep pests at bay. With a little preparation and vigilance, you can ensure that your home remains a pest-free zone, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. Wishing you a joyful and pest-free holiday season from Pointe Pest Control!


pointeseoPointe Pest Control’s Practical Guide to a Pest-Free Holiday Season