Which Pests Should I be Aware of This Spring?

Throughout the animal kingdom, springtime is a special sort of time where species all across the classification spectrum come out to eat and mate. There are some pests that you need to be aware of in the fall and there are others that you need to be aware of once the ground begins to thaw. Pointe Pest Control is happy to conduct a full evaluation of your home this spring as you conduct your spring cleaning. The best kind of springtime pest defense is preventative pest defense. We can take a look at the foundation running around your house and recommend measures to keep those irritating insects out!

Beware Ants of All Kinds

Ants may seem like nice little fellows, but once they get a taste for something inside your house, they come in mass. They do this by leaving a hormone trail behind them for other ants to follow. It’s important to make sure that your cupboards, sink, and pantries are clean as can be once the ground begins to thaw. You can also take proactive measures by leaving ant traps around the exterior of your house.

Different traps will work on different kinds of ants. In addition, some ants have different dietary preferences depending on whether or not it’s early spring or late summer. The pest control specialists at Pointe Pest Control can help you decide which traps will work and where to place them for the best results.

Beware Wasps, Hornets, and Yellowjackets

Wasps are not nice creatures. They are the quintessential apex predators of the insect kingdom. Even to humans, they can pose the risk of death even for those who aren’t allergic to their sting. They’re very active in the spring, venturing forth to set up colonies. Among their favorite places are human habitations that offer them shelter from the spring rain. The eaves of your house, your deck, your shed, and your children’s swing sets all make a great place for wasps to set up shop. Wasp traps can help. If you end up being the landing spot for a nest, Pointe Pest Control can safely remove the danger.

Beware Termites

Termites wait until the ground reaches 50℉ and then they literally come out of the woodwork. While termites can eat all day every day throughout the year, they are most active in the spring when it’s time to mate. The worker termites, that supply food to the warrior and reproductive termites, must be extra active during this period. The other castes of termites literally cannot feed themselves and require the regurgitations of the worker termites. For that reason, you can expect termites to do the majority of their damage in the spring.

In the late fall, termites build shelter tubes in nearby soil. They then come up in the spring when the soil begins to thaw. Expert pest control specialists can help you manage these subterranean tubes before its termite time and eradicate them before the termites can do any real damage.

Integrated Spring Pest Control Management

Humans are excellent planners and, for that reason, we don’t have to live with pests in our home even in the early spring months when they are the most active. The problem for many people is that they believe these simple solutions that they can purchase over the internet or at the local Home Depot will be enough to deal with the problem. Once the pests get a foothold on your property, you’re now in damage control.

Unfortunately, we get called in to perform costly exterminations after a lot of the damage has already been done. We seldom get called in during the springtime when these issues can be managed effectively without mitigating problems that are in the process of happening.

Pointe Pest Control offers integrated solutions to pest management that prevent problems before they arise. We conduct a full inspection of your property including your foundation and basement and can make recommendations concerning your garden and outdoor stylings that will make your house less attractive to bugs. We provide a one-time service in the spring, or, for problematic properties, we can conduct inspections on a monthly or even weekly basis.

Pointe Pest Control Provides Solutions to Avoid Problems

If you had a tough spring last year, one option you have this year is to be proactive and prevent pest damage before it happens. Pointe Pest Control provides full-service inspections and can make recommendations to manage problems before they occur. Give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.

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