Pests Are Prepping For Fall. Are You?

Along the east coast, fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The days may be shorter but the sun still shines and there is a comfortable drop in temperatures. Outdoor activities are made somewhat more pleasant as many of the pests commonly found throughout the summer months begin dying off or preparing for hibernation over the winter. Unfortunately, in an attempt to seek food and shelter against the chill at night and in the early morning hours, many of these pests will end up making their way into your home. At Pointe Pest Control, our local pest experts can help prevent this from occurring. By addressing fall pest control issues now, you can keep your home safe and comfortable during the cool weather months to come.

Common Outdoor Fall Pests

While the humidity and heat from the sun may be fading, fall typically provides warm enough temperatures to support a variety of different types of outdoor pests. Fall pest control is important to address the flies, ants, and mosquitos that will still likely hover around through the early parts of October. It is also needed to address some specific and potentially damaging bugs that seem to actually increase over this time of year.

As local pest control experts, we deal with the various backyard bugs that can destroy trees and shrubbery, nest in abandoned pots or woodpiles, and generally make themselves a nuisance during the fall months. These include:

  • Yellowjackets, bees, and waps: As food becomes more scarce, it is not uncommon for these stinging insects to make themselves more of a pest.
  • Fire ants: These will continue to burrow mounds within your yard and garden over the next several months and similar to other stinging insects, will likely become more aggressive.
  • Katydids: These bright green, leaf-eating bugs tend to be most active during the late summer and fall months.
  • Spotted lanternfly: A new and invasive pest that can do major damage to the trees on your property, reports that these bugs have been wreaking havoc throughout the PA and NJ areas.

Our Local Pest Control Experts Can Protect Your Home In The Fall

Many of the pests you would typically see over the summer tend to disappear once the air turns a little cooler. The common assumption is that they are dying off, but the unfortunate fact is they may be infesting and hibernating in your home.

There are a variety of different bugs that can create problems for homeowners over the fall. These include:

  • Ants: Pavement ants infest in cement and brickwork around your home or in the foundation. Once the temperatures drop, you are likely to see trails of them heading inside.
  • Bed bugs: Arriving either through packages or as an unwanted souvenir from summer travels, bed bugs can make otherwise cozy fall nights nearly unbearable.
  • Cockroaches: If you have seen one cockroach, you can be sure there are plenty of others in hiding.
  • Fleas: These can easily be transported from your yard to your pet, to your carpet over the fall.
  • Flies: These often hide along the outside walls of your home in search of heat. A sunny day and an open window are likely to bring them inside.
  • Fruit flies: These tiny pests are a common problem over the fall months and can be frustratingly hard to get rid of.
  • Stink bugs: These can make their way from the yard into the walls of your home during the fall. While they may be hiding out of sight, their distinctive odor makes them easy to detect.

Fall Pest Control To Prevent Rodents

Fall pest control is needed to prevent common outdoor creatures from invading your home in the coming months. In addition to flies, ants, and various bugs, rodents are also among those most likely to be seeking shelter. Our local pest control experts can help prevent the following from hiding in crawl spaces, cabinets, attics, or outdoor areas, such as garages and storage sheds, where they can do extensive damage and create a general nuisance:

  • House mice
  • Moles
  • Norway Rats
  • Raccoons
  • Roof rats
  • Voles

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