stinging-yellow-jacket Scientific Name: Yellowjacket

There you are enjoying your barbeque and ice cold drink when you get stung by a fat little bee. Unfortunately, you didn’t get stung by a happy little honey bee. You just met a yellow jacket in a very common story. It doesn’t take much to get a yellow jacket to sting you. When it comes to aggression, yellow jackets are loaded.

General Information:

Yellow jackets have bright yellow and black coloring, but some varieties can be white and black. They are just plain mean and aggressive. If you get close to their nest, you will find yourself surrounded by a whirlwind of angry stingers. Yellow Jackets have a rapid repeat stinger; they can hit you multiple times. They also have strong mandible and will bite you as well. Yellow jackets prefer to nest underground. This can be in old rodent dens, utility boxes, behind your siding, and we even found a nest inside of an old couch. Like other wasps, yellow jackets build their nest out of a papery material that they create from plant matter and their saliva. Yellow jackets become even more aggressive during droughts and the latter part of the summer. They are especially attracted to meats, but will go after anything with sugar as well.

Signs of an Infestation:

If you have a hole in your yard and you notice fat yellow jackets going in and out, you know you have an infestation. If you have a nest near your home, you will see a lot of yellow jackets every time you have a barbeque or picnic. You should always take precautions around their nest. Yellow jackets do not appreciate visitors of any kind.


At Pointe Pest Control, we have a variety of tools we can use to eliminate yellow jackets. Our technicians understand how yellow jackets think. We have special tools that keep us from getting stung. Our treatment methods are tough on yellow jackets, but are safe for the environment. We want to make certain you, your family and your pets are safe. When you want the best in yellow jacket eradication, you need Pointe Pest Control. We take the sting out of yellow jackets.

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