stinging-mud-dauber Scientific Name: Sphecidae

When the forecast brings beautiful weather, the last place you want to spend it is inside a stuffy house. Relaxing or playing outside in your yard or working in the garden is an enjoyable option with the sun is out. However, if you have to contend with stinging pests, suddenly the great outdoors is very unpleasant. Mud daubers are a common stinging insect you will encounter when working in the yard. If you find this type of wasp in your yard, professional pest control should be sought to keep your family safe from pain and harm.

General Information:

Also known as the “dirt dauber,” “mud wasp,” “dirt digger” and “dirt diver,” this wasp gets its name because it builds its nest from mud. These wasps are long and slender, about 1 inch long and black in color with bits of yellow. The females construct the nests using their mandibles to mold dirt and their saliva into a paste. These nests can look like hollow tubes, resembling a pipe organ, or a cylindrical urn shape. The eggs are laid in the mud nest and these durable homes can last for many years with even other insects taking over the mud nest long after the mud dauber has vacated it. At least two species of mud daubers enjoy a diet of black widow spiders, a little bright spot for those who particularly dislike spiders.

Signs of an Infestation:

These insects are one of the milder hornets. If aggravated, they will sting but stings are rather uncommon because unless provoked, they are quite mellow. The easiest way to detect an infestation is to spot their mud made nest which can be formed on any surface around your home. If they have found a way into your attic, you may hear their buzzing above and sometimes they an entrance into your home through light and ceiling fixtures.


You may be tempted, since the mud dauber is a gentler wasp, to attempt removal on your own. Do not give in to become the Googling DIY “expert,” as these often end disastrous. Scattering a nest of mud daubers could result in spreading the infestation to multiple locations. To get a guaranteed, thorough pest control results, it’s best to do it right the first time. Living with stinging pests of any kind is not only aggravating but scary. Our technicians are experienced at quick and effective mud dauber removal, call us today.

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