sac-spiders Scientific Name: Clubionidae

When you can see spiders crawling around your walls and ceiling, you know there is a problem. Baby spiders are tiny and can fit through really small cracks. When it comes to spiders, it is okay to be selfish. You should be able to enjoy your home without sharing. Yellow sac spiders are a small, light yellow spider, with darker yellow legs. Since the spider is nearly see through, it will often take on a slight coloring undertone of whatever it ate.

General Information:

Yellow sac spiders spend the day holed up in a small protective sac made of webbing. As soon as night falls, the sac spider emerges and goes on the hunt. Sac spiders do not build elaborate webs; instead they actively hunt for prey. Once they have found a small insect, they stalk it and attack. If a sac spider gets into your bed, and you decide to move, the little spider has no qualms about biting you. If you do get bit, you can expect mild discomfort to moderate pain. If you do get bit by any spider, it is important to try and capture the culprit. This will aid medical staff in identification. There are species of spider, whose bites are dangerous to humans.

Signs of an Infestation:

The best way to know if you have yellow sac spiders is through their web cocoons. Common places in your home to find the small protective sacs are along your walls where they meet the ceiling. During the day you will often be able to see the spider hiding out in their protective sacs. You might even see the spiders wandering around your walls during the day.


A female yellow sac spider can lay up to 40 eggs. A few spiders can become a lot of spiders in no time at all. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you break the spider cycle. We eliminate the spiders in your home and can take steps to keep them from coming back. Once the sac spiders are out of your home, you can reduce your chances of infestation by making sure all of your windows have screens without holes. Rake up, and dispose of leafy debris piles in your yard. By reducing the habitat of the spider, you will reduce the likelihood of an infestation. When you want professional spider control you can count on, you need Pointe Pest Control.

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