spider-jumping Scientific Name: Salticidae

There are more than 5800 known jumping spider species. A whopping 13% of all spiders are jumping spiders, making it the most common species within the spider family. These spiders come in many colors and are typically covered in hair, giving them a furry appearance. When seen up close, one can almost admit that their faces are quite cute since they have one large set of eyes on their flat face that dwarf significantly their other 3 pairs. Even if you could swallow your abhorrence for a second enough to admit this spider is “cute,” it doesn’t change the fact that you want it no where near you at any given time. That’s where Pointe Pest Control comes in with the most experienced spider control around.

General Information:

Jumping spiders are quite agile spiders, able to jump great distance in comparison to their size. This is a huge advantage to them when it comes to hunting their prey or escaping danger. These spiders can be found in various climates throughout the world and can be brightly colored or dull and brown. They are very talented hunters, stalking a prey with great care to ensure its capture. Along with feasting on other insects, their diet also includes plant nectar. They can rapidly move sideways and backwards in quick, erratic movements that give it a distinctive walk.

Signs of an Infestation:

Jumping spiders rarely bite humans and when they do, their venom is not considered toxic to humans. Though a jumping spider infestation inside is not common, it does not mean it is unheard of. They are typically seen in large numbers in gardens, on porches, and near doorways and windows. These spiders do not make webs, instead they use their silk as a tether line to attach themselves to a secure area, just in case a risky jump fails, it prevents a great fall. If you see a number of these spiders, whether small or large, skittering with their erratic movements around your walls, Pointe Pest Control can help you be rid of them.


Pointe Pest Control is happy to help you with all your spider control needs. Even if the spider is not a threat to your health, they can be a great threat to your sanity. Arachnophobia produces very real and terrifying physical symptoms. Knowing that your home is not free of spiders can cause an incredible amount of stress. As your trusted pest control experts, we are trained at complete spider control and removal. It’s time to stop worrying about these lurking creepers and give us a call today.