spider-garden Scientific Name: Argiope aurantia

Garden spiders are commonly found where its name suggests, in the garden. Though it is not uncommon to find some wandering around your home or near your house plants. Working in your flower beds, you might not appreciate the sudden appearance of one of these spiders either. If you can appreciate the positive for a moment, their coloring can be quite beautiful as they are often vibrant shades of yellow and orange. No one appreciates an unexpected spider bite while gardening or tending to your house plants so if you notice an unusual amount of these, professional spider control from Pointe Pest Control is here to help you to control their population.

General Information:

As long as these spiders stay out of your home, they can be quite beneficial for your garden in minimal numbers. Keeping the mosquito and fly population at bay, the garden spider can provide some assistance in your garden. This spider’s web is usually circular in shape, up to 2 feet in width and in a zigzag pattern. The spider then lays in wait for insects to become trapped in the web at which point the garden spider tackles it and captures it. Even larger prey such as grasshoppers or lizards are have been known to be trapped by this talented garden spider.

Signs of an Infestation:

These spiders are fairly docile, however if they are accidentally disturbed or harassed, they can bite. Their bite is not dangerous to humans but it can produce a red welt and be fairly painful. Garden spiders are more often found inside as they try and seek shelter from the cold, windy or rainy weather. Once inside, they can be found in dark and secluded corners, spinning their web and waiting for stray insects to come by. Garden spiders are only good in your garden, if they get inside you want the help of a professional to remove them.


Pointe Pest Control is experienced at what we do and when it comes to spider control, our skills and experience are what you need to soon have a spider free home. Treating on a regular, routine schedule throughout the year will ensure spiders do not return. You will be able to sleep better knowing your home is professionally protected from all spiders and pests. Call us today to schedule year round spider control.

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