spider-black-widow Scientific Name: Latrodectus

Black widow spiders are king when it comes to the Most Feared Spiders list. This shiny, black spider with the red hourglass on its abdomen sparks horror and panic upon sighting and rightly so, it’s a dangerous spider. Very few people are ignorant of their existence but there may be much you did not know about their lifestyle and behaviors. Educating yourself and your family about this harmful arachnid will keep you safe if you do ever chance an encounter with one.

General Information:

The black widow spider gets its name because the female kills and eats the male after mating. Not always is the female successful and sometimes the male selects its mate by sensing whether or not the female has eaten recently. It does this by sensing the chemicals within the web. After mating, the male if lucky, might get away. The venom of the black widow is toxic and when it bites its prey, this venom liquefies the organs so the spider can drink them out. This same toxin within a human, although not enough to liquify our organs, can damage them as well as the muscles. If bitten, immediate medical attention is paramount.

Signs of an Infestation:

Each year, 2,200 black widow spider bites are reported. Though the female bite is more dangerous, the male black widow bite can also cause problems. Keeping these spiders far from your yard and home will keep you and your children safe. Black widows are reclusive and solitary spiders that construct their webs in dark corners about a foot off the ground. Their webs are stronger silk than most spider webs and will look quite erratically spun, unlike the beautiful artistic designs of other spider species. If you suspect a black widow infestation, never reach blindly into dark corners. To examine the area, keep your distance and use a flashlight. Then call the professionals at Pointe Pest Control ASAP.


DIY treatment of black widows is very dangerous. Professional technicians use expert care as well as protection when removing black widows. The methods to do so are delicate and treacherous but the professionals have the knowledge to safely remove black widows efficiently and quickly. When it comes to the security of your family, there is no sacrifice too great. Routine spider control inspections are essential to keep your home free of this danger. Do not delay, call us today.