rodent-vole Scientific Name: Microtus

Other rodent types will destroy your home and health. Voles want to ruin your yard. If your yard becomes a vole haven, it won’t take long for you to begin to notice the destruction. Like rats and mice, voles can transmit a number of different diseases.

General Information:

It is hard to tell the difference between a mouse and a vole. Voles have short tails and short legs. Their eyes are small and their ears are partially hidden. Like other rodents, voles reproduce quickly. A female vole will have around six new voles per litter. Under ideal conditions, she can have upwards of fifteen litters per year. That means one female vole can have 90 offspring each year. New females are reproductively mature in about 35 days. Voles are often referred to as field mice. Unlike mice, voles are not trying to find a way into your home. Voles love living outside in your flower beds. If your yard gets a severe infestation, it won’t take long for your grass to begin looking like a maze of little tunnels.

Signs of an Infestation:

The best sign of a vole infestation will be the tunnels they create. In order for a vole to get from its nest to a food source, it will create little pathways through your grass. As the numbers of voles increase in your yard, the pathways will become more and more numerous. You can always tell if the pathways are active, because you will find vole feces. The most common food sources for a vole are the trees and plants in your yard. Voles can eat the bark off the base of a tree, which will girdle the tree and kill it. Gnawing marks around the base of your trees is a sign of a vole infestation. Voles are active at all times of the day and do not hibernate. Because of this, you might see voles in your yard. If you see voles, you definitely know there is a problem.


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