lady bugs norristown and warminster pa Lady Bugs

Description: Ladybugs are hemispherical in shape and are 1/16 to ¼ inch long.

Biology: Eggs are orange and are laid on end in single or multiple groups of 12 on plants infested with aphids. The larvae are flattened and spindle-shaped, with warts or spines on the dorsal side. They undergo four molts and are brightly colored with blue, black, and orange. The pupae, which do not form cocoons, are attached to leaves by the tip of their abdomens.

Habits: In the fall, the adults seek protected areas to overwinter, preferring areas beneath rocks, bark, leaves and landscape timbers; however, occupied structures are also suitable. Adults are attracted to light and are often seen in window sills and light fixtures.

Andrew IsraelsenLADY BUGS