cricket Scientific Name: Acheta domesticus

There you are trying to fall asleep after a long day at work when you hear a terrible sound, the incessant chirp of a house cricket. You try to ignore the cacophony, you try to cover your ears with your pillow, you try to find the source, but all you can find is the sound. If this story is your story, the solution to getting a good night sleep, rests with a phone call to Pointe Pest Control.

General Information:

House crickets are yellowish tan in color, with three distinct darker lines on their head. They also have bands of dark brown on the top of their abdomen. When they are inside of your home, they will eat carpet and any clothing that is soiled or has a residue from perspiration. During the daytime, house crickets find a warm quiet place to hide. At night, they emerge and begin to chirp. The chirping is not cause by vocal cords. The sound comes from stridulation. That means the cricket rubs its forewings together and creates the sounds. The chirping you hear is the result. Male crickets chirp to impress female crickets. Males will try to out chirp the other makes. If you thought one cricket was bad, just wait until you have a full blown infestation.

Signs of an Infestation:

The best sign of an infestation of crickets is the chirping. You might also find damage to your clothing and your carpet. They usually feed on the surface which leaves a lot of loose fibers around the edges of their feeding.


When you call Pointe Pest Control, you can put an end to the all night chirping contests. We use the most current techniques to eliminate crickets. There are also thing you can do to help keep them from coming back. Since crickets love garbage, make certain to keep the area around your trash cans clean. You should also keep wood piles away from your home. House crickets thrive under moist conditions. If your yard has an abundance of crickets, you can reduce their number by keeping your lawn cut short and by weeding the flower beds close to your home.

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