other-flea Fleas

Description: Cat and dog fleas can be found in the same area, they are very similar in appearance. They are small in appearance. They are small, 1/8 inch long, wingless, laterally flattened, and have piercing-sucking mouthparts. The flea has very well-developed legs allowing it to jump at least six inches straight up. They are black-to-reddish brown.

Biology: Cat and dog fleas undergo complete metamorphosis. After each blood meal, females lay four to eight eggs at a time (but 400 to 800 total within her lifetime) on the host animal and/or its bedding. The eggs fall into the nest and or bedding of the host animal or wherever the animal happens to be at the time. The eggs hatch in about 10 days and the developing larvae feed on the adult flea feces which contain bits of dried blood.

Habits: Adult fleas feed on blood with their piercing-sucking mouthparts. They typically seek a blood meal within two days of becoming an adult. Cat and dog fleas prefer these two animals but readily feed on other animals (raccoons, rats, and humans). Adult fleas remain on the host throughout their lifetime but are occasionally knocked off the animal by scratching.

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