clover mties in norristown and warminster pa Scientific Name: Bryobia praetiosa

Clover mites are tiny, little red nuisance pests that are very talented at bothering and pestering homeowner. They are not insects, but instead arachnids similar to spiders. These bugs are the most annoying in the late spring and early fall when eggs hatch. Clover mites reproduce very quickly since they lay about 70 eggs at a time, each of which becomes a mature adult in less than 30 days to then continue the life cycle.

General Information:

All U.S. clover mites are female. You might wonder how they reproduce in an entire species of females but clover mites are parthenogenetic producers which means the eggs do not require male fertilization. Clover mites love the sun and can be found basking on sunny surfaces. When clover mites enter your home, they soon die of dehydration. Red speckles covering your floor that you frequently have to vacuum or sweep up can be quite frustrating. Professional clover mite control is the best way to get rid of these little bugs fast.

Signs of an Infestation:

Clover mites love to suck the sap from plants, particularly from blades of grass. If you are confused as to why your lawn is dying or turning brown with no explanation, maybe get down on your knees and see if you can see itsy, red dots crawling in your lawn. But they don’t just infest in your lawn. You might see masses of these red mites congregating on your doors, windows, walls, drapes and interior and exterior of your house. If mites get crushed, their red stain can stain the surface of your home, causing cosmetic discoloration that is difficult to remove. If you notice these bugs infesting in large numbers, you need professional treatments before your home because one red, spotted mess.


When cleaning up dead or living clover mites from walls, windows or other surfaces of your home, use a damp rag and softly remove them, taking care to avoid crushing them, thus staining the surface. Pointe Pest Control is your best resource for complete clover mite removal. We understand how bothersome this pest is and will quickly and efficiently treat the exterior and interior of your home to keep them away. Of course, no treatment lasts forever since pest are forever trying to return so routine inspections and treatments are key. Call us today to set these up!

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