Scientific name: Linepithema humile

Argentine ants are tiny. They are light to dark brown. Measuring in at a length of only .1 of an inch, it is hard to believe that the argentine ant is a threat. The International Union for Conservation of Nature created a list of 100 invasive species most damaging to biodiversity and the argentine ant is on the list.

General Information

Argentine ants are not your friends. As an invasive species, argentine ants have been causing trouble throughout the world. Unlike many ant colonies, argentine ants can have hundreds of queen ants. A queen argentine ant can produce upwards of 60 eggs in a single day. Colonies of argentine ants are so similar that they will not attack one another. You could pick up an argentine ant in California and drop it off at a colony here in New Jersey and the worker would be accepted into the colony. Scientists talk of argentine ants having a “global colony”. Because they are such prolific breeders, a colony of argentine ants can grow at a tenth of a mile, in any direction, every year. Heavy rains or drought conditions can send the argentine ant indoors in search of food and water. You could have millions of tiny ants infiltrating your home.

Signs of an Infestation

The biggest sign that your home is being infested by argentine ants is the sheer number of ants. Ants will be in your sink, your tub, and all throughout your home. An infestation of argentine ants can be scary, due to their massive numbers, but a call to Pointe Pest Control can solve the problem.


We know our ants. Our knowledgeable technicians can identify and understand the different species of ant. Argentine ants are controlled an entirely different way, over other ants. Our multipronged treatment approach will hit the argentine ant colony from all sides. Our technicians can help you understand best management practices that will help you reduce the risk of argentine ant infestations. When you need professional, certified ant control you answer is Pointe Pest Control.

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