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For a taste of history near Yardley, you can take your family to the Washington Crossing Historic Park and see the area where General Washington made the crossing of the Delaware. It was at this spot that the American Revolution had a turning point in favor of the Americans. Sometimes when you are in your home, you are faced with your own private battle against invading insects, spiders, and rodents. You have probably tried all sorts of home remedies and do it yourself pest control, but you feel like you are losing the war. A turning point in your own private battle against infestations starts with a call to Pointe Pest Control. We can help you win the war. When it comes to pest eradication, we will fight for your right to have a home that is free from problematic pests. For pest control in Yardley, Pointe Pest Control is ready to give you the help you need.

Why We Fight

There are reasons you don’t want to share your home with pests. Each one is called a pest because they make certain aspects of your life difficult, or dangerous. Take rodents for instance. A mouse can get into your house through a nickel sized gap. Once inside, it gets into your food, urinates and defecates around your home, but the most dangerous thing about a mouse is disease. Mice transmit a ton of terrifying diseases and parasites. Mice might look fluffy and furry, but there is nothing fun about the diseases they transmit. You have probably heard of Hantavirus, Rat-Bite Fever, Leptospirosis, and Salmonellosis. Each of these diseases and many others come into your life, because of a mouse or other type of rodent. Cockroaches are also vectors for disease. They spend time around sewage and garbage and then wander across your kitchen table. Disease isn’t the only reason to fight against pests. Termites eat the wood in your home and can ruin your house. Gophers, voles, and lawn grubs can turn your yard into battle zone. Simply put, we fight against pests to protect our homes and our health. When you want to get serious about pest control in Yardley, it is time to call in the experts with Pointe Pest Control.

Pointe Pest Control

No matter the pest or the size of the infestation, we can help you win the war. Our technicians have taken the courses required to become certified pesticide applicators. That means they understand pest control. Our technicians spend years learning how to identify pests and we spent the time doing the research to find the most scientifically proven methods for pest control. When you have problem solving technicians combined with a company dedicated to perfecting pest control, you get Pointe Pest Control. We work with you to create a custom treatment plan that will target pest species in all of their life stages. Make the call that will protect your home, health and your family. For effective pest control in Yardley, you need Pointe Pest Control.

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