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Wilmington, Delaware has some gorgeous nature spots and one of those is the beautiful Brandywine Zoo. Opened in 1905, this 4.7 acre zoo is small and charming, filled with adorable and interesting animals so you can teach your children about all the wonderful creatures that live on this planet. One of those interesting creatures happens to be spiders. As creepy, freaky and gross as they are, spiders are quite fascinating. There are approximately 30,000 known species of spiders on this planet and combined, all these spiders on the planet eat between 400 to 800 million TONS of prey each year. Think about that for just a minute. Without spiders, we would have all those 800 million tons of bugs, gnats, flies and bothersome insects plaguing us humans to complete insanity. We definitely need those spiders on our planet as they are vital to the health of our ecosystem. However, we definitely do not need them in our homes. Keeping them out of your home is possible with expert Wilmington spider control. Spiders need to stay outside where they do the most good.

Why spiders want to come inside

Your home is your haven, your relaxation and your peaceful abode from the world outside. Or at least we want it to be. When our homes are full of pests, there is no amount of peace that can be found. There are a few reasons why spiders want to come inside your home:

  • Warmth: Your home is a perfect temperature year round that makes a spider comfortable. Extreme heat and cold are not a spider’s friend but your home has a perfect environment for their liking.
  • Shelter: Harsh winds, rain and snow can disrupt a spider’s webs or cause them peril so they try and find places of shelter during these extreme weather conditions.
  • Food: This is a big one. If your home is completely free of all insects, bugs and flies, a spider will not be too happy in your home. They need food and if your home is full of other pests, they will stick around. Many house spiders hunt for their food during the night so if your home has a plentiful supply of tasty snacks, they won’t be going anywhere else soon.

While spiders everywhere, it is possible to have a spider free home if you employ routine spider control in Wilmington. You need to set up year round inspections and treatments for completely successful spider control. Effective spider control needs to be implemented in all seasons and stages of a spider’s life. Having your friends at Pointe Pest Control come only during the spring and summer when you see the most spiders means you are not catching all phases of a spider’s life. You need experienced all over pest control because if your home is free of pests and other insects, this also discourages spider infestations.

Say goodbye to spider scares and bites forever

Professional Wilmington spider control in your home means your chances of encountering a nasty spider bite drop drastically. While not all spiders are deadly and dangerous, like the black widow or brown recluse spiders, many spiders still bite and cause painful, itchy and oozing bites that take a long time to heal. Spider venom is designed to kill the tissue around the bite and some spider’s venom is more dangerous than others. Experienced spider control keeps you and your family safe from getting bit by spiders in your sleep or when you unknowingly brush up against their webs. Pointe Pest Control is here to make sure your night is never interrupted by a spider crawling into bed with you. Call us today to get the best, most effective spider control around.


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