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Wilmington, Delaware is a beautiful mix of historic and modern buildings, coalescing into picturesque city at the edge of the Delaware River. In fact, the Wilmington Riverwalk is a favorite among tourists and residents alike. With shopping and dining nearby, you can stroll along the Riverwalk at the edge of the river, taking in the stunning sights and scenery in a peaceful, happy atmosphere. Walking along the boardwalk in the evening when the fog rolls in can almost give the area a spooky feel. But that is nothing compared to how spooky your house will feel if you have rodents. You think you are alone when suddenly you hear a creaking in the ceiling, scratching within your walls or scurrying across the floor. What was that?! You look all over, listen, press your ear against the wall, but it’s quiet now. *rustling* There it is again! You hear these noises but you can’t find the source. Is your house haunted? Yes, but it haunted with rodents. When rodents get into your home, they will plague your thoughts and dreams with the things they are chewing through, eating and destroying. There’s only one thing to do. It’s time to call the Wilmington rodent control professionals because when it comes to extracting rodents from the deep recesses of your home, you need experienced help.

How bad is it?

If you hear signs of rodents in your home, you might be wondering if the problem is that bad. If you see one mouse, you might hope that it’s “just one mouse,” but unfortunately if there is one mouse, chances are there are many more. The trouble is that if one mouse found its way in, others probably have as well. Mice also reproduce like crazy. A female mouse can have as many as 100 babies in a year. 100 baby mice! And then they all keep breeding together so those 100 babies are then having their own litters. Many homeowners are unaware of rodent problems in the early stages. It is not until there are many rodents scratching around in the walls, stealing food, destroying your possessions and leaving their droppings all over the place that they are finally noticed. It’s not that you as a homeowner is unaware but in your busy life running from one thing to the next, you might not have many quiet moments to take notice of the subtle signs of rodents until it is too late and they have infested your entire home.

How to recognize the signs of a rodent home invasion

If rodents were as clumsy as a lumbering elephant or noisy as a chittering monkey, homeowners would never be caught unaware by rodent infestations. But rodents are quiet and sneaky so this is why rodent infestations are so common. Here are a few other subtle signs that you have rodents:

  • Musky smell of rodent urine: Rodents dribble urine wherever they walk and this has a strong, musky odor. Many mice in your home will eventually give your home a musky odor.
  • Unusual pet behavior: If you have pets like dogs or cats who are constantly acting strange, staring at the wall or ceiling, whimpering or barking for no reason, pay attention. They know something is amiss and can hear the quiet noises rodents make that we humans often miss.
  • Chew and scratch marks: Rodents are constantly in search of food. Finding chew marks anywhere in your home means they were trying find food.

Wilmington rodent control is essential when it comes to protecting your home from damage causing rodents. You don’t want to put your home and family at risk to the damage and severe health consequences that can result from a rodent invasion.

Pointe Pest Control knows how to evict these vermin

The Pointe Pest Control team is your secret weapon when it comes to removing these scary monster from your ceilings, attic, basement, walls and yard. We find the root of the problem, figure out where they are getting in and solve these issues first. If you have a severe rodent problem in your yard, it won’t be long before that problem moves into your home. Call us today for the most effective Wilmington rodent control around.


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