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If there was ever a more tranquil and enjoyable city to spend time in, that city is Wilmington, Delaware. Recreation in Wilmington is classy and relaxing. From strolling through the Nemour Mansions and Gardens to exploring the exhibits at the Delaware Art Museum or Delaware Museum of Natural History to taking a scenic train ride on the Wilmington and Western Railroad. Wilmington is brimming with culture, class and good, clean family fun. What is NOT fun for the family however, or anyone for that matter, are pest infestations. Discovering a pest problem can take even the happiest days and turn it sour. It’s like a punch to the gut. You feel like you’ve been violated. An intruder has broken into your home and rummaged through your things, it doesn’t matter what species that intruder is, it still feels upsetting. If a robber broke into your home, you would call the police. The same is true for pests. They have broken into your home and now it’s time to call the police of pest infestations, Pointe Pest Control.

Pest problems big and small

Pest range in size from as small as a pinhead to as large as a small dog. When people think of pests, they usually think of cockroaches, rodents, ants and spiders. But there are many types of pests you may be unaware could potentially infest your home. Fleas are one that infests the homes of Americans and people are unaware of their existence and why they have itchy rashes on their bodies. Infesting fleas do not just hang out on the bodies of dogs and cats. Fleas are found in carpets, on sofas and on household linens. They are small so they go unnoticed and their bites are rather imperceptible until later when you notice a strange rash or small bumps on your skin. They can jump up to 4 feet and look like flecks of dust to the naked eye. In contrast, larger pests may find your home attractive. Raccoons and skunks are a few pests that are not common but definitely probable. These garbage digging animals are scavengers and your home is quite an interest to them. If you keep pet food outdoors or have open, exposed garbage cans, these are just the things that will draw them in. If you have enough to sustain them, they will stay and getting rid of them is difficult and dangerous. Expert help is a must.

Do not underestimate pests

If you think pest problems are not something that happens in your neighborhood, you are very wrong. Pests exist everywhere and in many different varieties. Your home is an obvious choice for protection from what would be their inevitable demise. The weather and colder temperatures brings them to your doorstep, looking for that bit of warmth. All it takes is you letting down your guard. For pest control in Wilmington, you need a skilled and professional hand. Our technicians have many years of experience when it comes to pests and their raw knowledge on the topic can answer any pest related question you can throw at them. Call us today for all your Wilmington pest control concerns.



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