Wasp Control in Whitehouse Station

Whether you work hard to keep your Whitehouse Station yard looking its best by having a perfectly manicured yard, or you secretly envy those individuals who are able to spend so much time in their yard, one thing is certain. Wasps will not recognize boundaries. They will not care if a lawn is perfectly mowed, or if your roses are kept immaculately trimmed. Wasps are looking for a specific type of real estate and the unfortunate news is that almost every home has exactly what they are looking for in a home. If you are dealing with a wasp infestation and you don’t know how to get rid of it, you can count on Pointe Pest Control to provide expert wasp control in Whitehouse Station.

Wasp Real Estate

Wasps are looking for one main thing when they are looking to build a home. They want to find a place that is protected from the rain. While their papery grey nests can survive a bit of moisture, too much and the paper get saturated and the nest fall apart. For this reason, wasps want their nests protected. The eaves of your home are a perfect spot. They also love porches, and behind your siding. We have found wasp nests in dense vegetation, attics, chimneys, playground equipment, and even inside of an old couch. Once a wasp queen finds a good spot, she will go to work building up the nest and laying eggs. In a few months, the nest has increased dramatically in size and the number of wasps in the colony can reach nearly a hundred individuals. During the early part of the spring into the summer, the wasps are content to leave you alone, unless you get a bit too close to their nest. During late summer and early fall, wasps are in a race against cold weather to get the queen wasps for the next year ready. During this time wasps become much more aggressive and will attack with little to no provocation.

Wasp Weapons

Wasps have a few weapons at their disposal which they will gladly use to deter threats. Since you a big human, they consider you to be a threat. Wasps have a few weapons at their disposal that they will gladly use on you if you get too close to their nest.

  • Rapid Repeat Stinger: Unlike honey bees, wasps can sting you repeatedly. Their stingers contain painful venom. If you are allergic, wasp venom can cause you to go into anaphylactic shock. If you experience difficulty breathing after a wasp sting, you should immediately seek medical attention.
  • Pheromones: Wasps communicate by releasing pheromones. Pheromones are smells that the wasps detect. Wasps can release an alarm pheromone which will incite the entire colony and you will soon be surrounded by a whirlwind of stingers and angry wasps.

Pointe Pest Control Weapons

You don’t have to live with wasps. They might not recognize boundaries, but we can help you declare a no fly zone around your home for wasps. We have a variety of weapons at our disposal that will spell the end for any wasp infestation. The main weapon in our arsenal is knowledge. Since our technicians are local wasp control experts, they understand the types of wasp that are common to Whitehouse Station. That knowledge allows us to create effective treatment plans. We know what works and we know how to use it against them. When you give us a call, you are putting our years of local knowledge and experience to work for you. Make the call that will protect your family from wasps. Pointe Pest Control wants to help you live without fear of wasp infestations.

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