Spider Control in Whitehouse Station

If you like the satisfaction of searching for clues and solving puzzles, then the Escape Room Center just five miles out of Whitehouse Station will give you the experience you want. You, your family, or group of friends will be able to come together and figure out a way to escape. If you have a spider problem in your home, you might feel like it is a problem without a solution. It might feel like you spend more time battling spiders than any other activity. If you are tired of the spider problem, you can turn to Pointe Pest Control for a solution. We are the source for local spider control. When you want spider control in Whitehouse Station done the right way, the first time, you can count on us to deliver.

The Power of Spiders

After seeing that surprise spider waiting for you to take your morning shower, have you ever wondered how spiders get into your home? Spiders have a way of showing up whenever you least want them to appear. Here are a few reasons why spiders are able to get into your home.

  • Sneaking: First off, spiders are small. If you can see a bit of light under the threshold of your door, spiders will use that gap to gain entrance into your home. The same can be said with your windows. If you have gaps around your windows, or you leave a window open that doesn’t have a screen, you are giving spiders a variety of easy access points. In order to reduce the risk, make certain your home is sealed up. Keep you weather stripping tight and seal up any potential entry points.
  • Hitchhiking: Spiders are excellent at hiding. They build their cobwebs in areas that see little disturbance. Unfortunately, that means the areas under furniture are prime locations for spiders to build their nests. That means any furniture you bring into your home you could be bringing in a few unwanted guests. Sometimes the furniture contains egg sacs, and the warm temperature of your home enables the hatching of hundreds of new baby spiders. Bringing wood into your home to burn during the winter is another potential source for eight-legged hitchhikers.
  • Reproduction: If you already have spiders in your home, they will be reproducing and making new generations of spiders. Spiders have a lot of different places to hide. They can live inside the walls of your home, under your cabinets, in your attic, or even in you crawlspace. If the temperatures are warm enough, new spiders will hatch and begin their reign of terror inside of your home.

The Power of Pointe Pest Control

Spiders can try to hide, but our technicians know their tricks. We have the tools, the training, and the experience needed to identify spider issues and create effective treatment plans. We understand you are busy. We will work with your schedule and help you eliminate spiders. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you are getting certified problem solvers. Since we provide local spider control, we are very familiar with the different types of spider that live and thrive in and around Whitehouse Station. Our familiarity allows us to understand the spiders and know how to eradicate them from your home. We use scientifically proven methods that are effective and efficient at local spider control. When you call Pointe Pest you are putting our years of experience to work for you. When you want the best in Whitehouse Station Spider control, you need Pointe Pest Control on your side. Give us a call and schedule a free inspection today.

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