Rodent Control in Whitehouse Station

You can leave your worries at home and enjoy the quiet serenity of nature when you head over to the Round Valley Recreation Area near Whitehouse Station. Whether you enjoy boating or hiking, you will be able find exactly what you are looking for when you want to be found enjoying the best of Mother Nature. While enjoying nature outside is cathartic, if Mother Nature decides to invade your home, you will not be thrilled in the least. If your home is full of worries because rodents have invaded, you can contact the experts with Pointe Pest Control right here in Whitehouse Station. We provide local rodent control and we know how to get any rodent infestation out of your house. Whitehouse Station rodent control is what we do best.

The Rodent Rampage

When it comes to destruction, rodents reign supreme. Rodents love to chew on things. Their teeth are continuously growing, in order to keep them at the right length, rodents chew. They will chew holes in your sheetrock, ruin the insulation of your home, and gnaw into most of your food containers. Rats and mice are continuously on the lookout for new nesting material. In order to get it, they will tear into your furniture, steal your socks, and chew up your carpet. Rodents mean destruction. Not only is your house in danger of their rampage, but your health is at risk as well. Biologists refer to rodents as vectors. A vector is a scientific term for a system to transport diseases. Indeed, rodents frequently transfer a number of nasty bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. Some of the diseases, such as Hantavirus, are life threatening. You can take the first step toward protecting your home and your health by calling in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. We provide local rodent control that you can count on.

How Rodents Invade

Rodents love everything about your home. They love the warmth in the winter, and the easy access to food and water. They want to move into your home and steal your food. Here are a few ways that rodents get into your home.

  • Tight Fit: While they might look puffy with all that fur, a mouse can actually squeeze its body through a hole that is the size of a nickel. Rats can fit through a hole that is roughly quarter sized. This means that if your home has any holes or gaps, you might be sharing your breakfast with a rodent.
  • Bad Kitty: If you have indoor/outdoor cats, then you might want to keep a tight rein on the cat door. Cats are notorious for bringing home mice and then losing them. A mouse can easily slip away into a place where the cat cannot follow, such as into a heat vent, or up under your cabinets.
  • Vegetation Climb: If you have trees, dense bushes, or any climbing vines on or around your home, you might be giving rodents a pathway into your attic. Roof rats are excellent climbers, and squirrels can jump four feet straight up, and nearly nine feet horizontally.

Pointe Pest Control means rodent control in Whitehouse Station

We are in the business of rodent eradication. Since our technicians are local rodent control experts, they understand the common types of rodents that commonly infest homes around Whitehouse Station. We help residents and business owners solve their rodent issues. You take care of the rodents and seal up their potential entry points. When we solve a rodent infestation, we go all the way. Our technicians will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that will meet your needs and protect your home from rodents.

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